The corrupt establishment and particularly the Democrats have decided that the phony war on women will be the hill that they are prepared to die on. Having no choice but to accept the will of the voters on Trump as the nominee, the GOPe will bet the house on Hillary as the protector of their racket. So it is that the weekly Trump flogging will be centered on a massive hit piece published by the damned liberal New York Times which has the Sunday morning bloviation circuit buzzing.

The story, entitled “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private” is of epic proportion and spans decades in hammering home the Hillary friendly meme that Trump is a woman hating pig. It is a narrative that has been hammered away at since last summer and the great Megyn Kelly vaginal blood controversy and will continue to be electronically pounded into the skulls of voters until 11:59 pm on November 8, 2016. The Clinton campaign and the establishment that will pour billions of dollars into her so she will save their bacon and sure as hell don’t want to talk about real issues like the coming Trans-Pacific Partnership sellout, Hillary’s Libya disaster, secret Wall Street speeches and those damn emails. If the election is about the issues they lose and lose badly so gender politics will be hyped as the most pressing crisis in America.

Reuters reports that “Trump has a history of questionable behavior with women: NY Times”:

Interviews with dozens of women who have worked for Donald Trump or interacted with him socially reveal a pattern of often unsettling personal behavior by the Republican presidential candidate, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

The Times, which said it based the article on more than 50 interviews, quoted women who recounted episodes in which he treated women as sexual objects and made comments about their bodies. But some women said Trump had encouraged them in their careers and promoted them within his businesses, often in positions in which women tended to be excluded.

When asked about the unflattering incidents described in the article, Trump either denied that they took place or disputed the details, the newspaper said.

“A lot of things get made up over the years,” Trump told the Times. “I have always treated women with great respect.”

A Trump representative did not immediately respond to a request by Reuters for comment.

Barbara Res, who oversaw construction of Trump’s Manhattan business headquarters, said he would sometimes interrupt meetings with comments about women’s figures.
During a job interview for a Los Angeles project, for example, Trump made a random aside about Southern California women. “They take care of their asses,” Res recalled Trump saying.
Years later, when Res says she had gained weight, she said Trump told her: “You like your candy.”

Even so, Res, who worked for Trump for 12 years before quitting and then came back as a consultant for six more, said she was grateful to Trump for her professional opportunities, though she said he frequently called her “Honey Bunch,” the Times reported.

Trump also earned a reputation for being seen with beautiful women dating back to his days at a New York military-style boarding school where he was named “ladies’ man” in the yearbook, the Times reported.

It’s clear that the NYT spent a lot of time and effort on this slanted slagging of the Donald as will the Washington Post with their Bob Woodward led anti-Trump task force. RNC boss Reinhold “Reince” Priebus slithered out on ABC’s “This Week” to pile on and to say that the candidate would “have to answer” for the allegations in the story. Despite Priebus’s public face that he and the RNC will be backing Trump he is a conniving little weasel who will shank his own presumptive nominee in the back whenever the opportunity arises.

Trump took to Twitter to return fire as reported by CBS News in the story “Donald Trump fires back over “lame hit piece” on women”:

Donald Trump went on a Twitter storm Sunday morning, firing back at the “failing” New York Times for its in-depth look at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his relationships with women over the years.

He further accused the Times reporters of refusing to interview women he had helped professionally.

The “hit piece” from the Times dove deep into some of Trump’s past troubling interactions with women in the workplace and at home, interviewing several Trump Organization female executives, contestants from the pageants Trump ran, and models he had dated. The paper’s story included testimony about Trump holding women in high esteem professionally while simultaneously doling out demeaning comments about their physical appearance.

One anecdote discussed how Trump kissed women directly on the mouth upon first meeting them at Miss USA pageants, making some competitors feel uncomfortable. Trump denied that allegation to the New York Times.

Another story told by Alicia Machado, the 1996 winner of the Miss Universe contest, described how Trump had publicly humiliated her after she gained weight following her Miss Universe crowning. The episode led to Machado’s yearslong battle with bulimia and anorexia. Trump admitted to the Times that he had indeed pressed the pageant winner to lose weight.

Trump remained silent on the Times story all through Saturday, when it first published online. But on Sunday morning, Trump suggested the newspaper should have better spent their time investigating the Clintons and their history of treating women.

The story just can’t be taken seriously, it’s always easy to cherry pick from accounts and cull the most incriminating and self-serving snippets out of what is otherwise a long history and with the Times going back decades it should be perfectly clear that is the case here. The women that are featured in the NYT piece all likely have grievances with the billionaire over such devastatingly misogynist conduct as calling them fat or seek to benefit from the publicity. The New York Times is a paper that like the Washington Post should have little credibility after a recent history of providing cover for an endless series of disastrous foreign wars that have cost untold trillions of dollars and resulted in tens of thousands of Americans killed or maimed. You won’t see any piece in the old gray lady similarly scrutinizing Queen Hillary over her complicity in the destabilization of the Middle East nor her coddling of the predators of high finance.