Conservative website Breitbart News found itself at the epicenter of outrage on Monday after publishing a column denouncing arch-neocon William Kristol as a “Renegade Jew”. While the website was slagged with accusations of anti-Semitism, the author – David Horowitz – is an fervent defender of Zionism as well as a fierce crusader against the radical elements of Islam. Kristol had earned his ire after an explosive Washington Post story that he along with the egomaniacal failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and others were plotting to field a third party candidate in order to sink Donald Trump, a move that would all but certainly put Hillary Clinton into the White House. RNC head Reince Priebus had warned that the Romney-Kristol joint venture was the equivalent of a “suicide mission” but it won’t stop the arsonists from burning down the Republican party because they are pissed off over their inability to influence the process.

Horowitz – who is also a driving force and editor of the Jewish Front Page Magazine as well as a backer of the watchdog website Jihad Watch – punched back in another column for Breitbart entitled “Horowitz: No Apologies for Calling Bill Kristol ‘Renegade Jew’”:

My article “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew” has created something of a firestorm on social media (#RenegadeJew) and inspired some illiterate and unjust attacks on and also me.

To answer one oft-repeated question, I did write the headline with the “Renegade Jew” phrase and Breitbart chose to run it as-is. Some illiterate anti-Semites have picked up on the phrase without understanding it. Some neo-conservatives have called me names as well, displaying their own brand of inarticulate hate without bothering to respond to the actual argument of my piece.
So to clarify: I understand that a lot of conservatives are still skeptical about Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. I respect their skepticism when it is attached to reasonable arguments, since no candidate is perfect and no one can know the future. I am put in mind of the wit who said that Republicans are always looking for the perfect candidate while Democrats are looking for the perfect lie.

But the primaries are over and Donald Trump is now the nominee. That means he is the only obstacle to the party of Obama and Hillary and Huma Abedin, of the Iran deal and the appeasement of Islamic Jew-hatred beginning with the Hamas terrorists of Gaza and the Fatah terrorists of the West Bank.

In mounting a third-party run which would split the Republican vote and elect Hillary, Bill Kristol seems to be forgetting that the Iranians and their Jew-hating allies are openly preparing a second Holocaust in the Middle East (and then for the rest of us). Obama, Hillary, Huma Abedin, and the Democrats are the chief enablers of this already planned Holocaust.

Splitting the Republican vote and electing Hillary is a betrayal of the Jews in an hour in which their backs are to the wall. Hence the designation renegade for those who are planning a third-party run, and for which I make no apologies.

Mr. Horowitz’s outrage practically has smoke pouring off of it and justifiably so considering that he is being accused of anti-Semitism but that’s just how the neocons roll, as is all too evident with Kristol’s work to nuke the GOP this November so he doesn’t lose face and his prestige in the media. There should be no question as to where Horowitz stands, he has earned the badge of honor of being denounced as a hatemonger by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his outspoken battle against Islamist extremism. It’s both hilarious and ironic that what we have here is a case of Jew on Jew which is of course not provided as context by any of those caterwauling over the calling out of the disloyal little rat Kristol.

The outrage over the Breitbart piece on Kristol will only burn hotter if the smirking Cheshire cat who runs the Weekly Standard and the rest of Mitt Romney’s motley crew manage to get their wish and a third party candidate to trot out to sabotage Trump this fall.