In a blow to naysayers and Never Trumpers, the Donald is gaining on Hillary Rodham-Clinton in the polls. The GOP establishment hand wringing that Mrs. Clinton would clean Trump’s clock in the general election is beginning to look like nothing more than the ninnying of self-important chicken littles. A newly released NBC/Survey Monkey poll has the presumptive Republican nominee within 3 points of Queen Hillary the inevitable.

Politico reports that “Poll: Trump narrows Clinton’s lead nationally to 3 points”:

Donald Trump continues to cut into Hillary Clinton’s lead nationally, according to a national NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday.

Trump has reduced the 5-point advantage Clinton held last week to just 3 percentage points. But the former secretary of state still leads 48 percent to 45 points.

Clinton dominates among minority voters. The Democratic front-runner leads Trump by a 75-point margin among black voters, 84 percent to 9 percent, and holds a 37-point advantage among Hispanic voters, 65 percent to 28 percent. Women also favor Clinton, while Trump leads among men and white voters.

Democrats had been smugly boasting about a landslide win come November as well as the retaking of at least the Senate, but that is starting to look like another wild-assed liberal fantasy. The Dems are in deep doo doo these days after an angry rebellion by Bernie’s Bolsheviks at the Nevada convention over the weekend exposed a serious fracture in party unity. Despite calls by the chickenshit former Nevada Gaming Commissioner Harry Reid to denounce his rebels, the crazy old socialist told the Dem’s Senate boss to jam it.

The ultimate nightmare scenario for the Clinton packed establishment in the blue jackass party may be coming to fruition as mayhem looms this summer at the party convention in Philly. The party elite and their in the bag super delegates will hose down old Bernie and set off riots in the streets of the city of brotherly love that will mortally wound the nominee.

Despite their cocksure certainly that identity politics will return every Clinton but Socks the cat to the White House, there has to be a seed of gnawing dread in the minds of Dems after the Las Vegas incident. Bernie’s minions just may decide to give a big middle finger to the DNC by not supporting the piranha in the pantsuit but may just cast their votes for Trump out of spite.