During a year in which Ghostbusters has been remade as a chick flick and gender politics is the Democratic party’s rallying cry, the white American male has a target on his back as never before in history. Television network CBS is under fire because it’s new shows have too many white guys in lead roles. Yes, it’s come to this in late stage Obamastan where yappy, unhinged grievance mongers in their relentless pursuit of social justice don’t protest endless costly wars or anti-American globalist trade sellouts but TV shows that they disapprove of. The alleged lack of diversity has even inspired the hashtag #CBSSoWhite?.

According to the Hollywood Reporter “CBS Boss Defends Lack of Diversity, Women in New Shows”:

New CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller defended his network’s diversity and gender balance Wednesday during his time in front of the press at a pre-upfronts news conference.
Pressed by reporters about the network’s seeming lack of diversity and female-driven fare among the eight new series picked up for the 2016-17 broadcast season, Geller stressed CBS had a “great balance.”

“We are the network that has Madam Secretary, 2 Broke Girls and Mom — we have lots of female leads, we have a great balance,” Geller said. “Actually, our new series are more diverse this year than last year.”

The executive stressed that his new offerings were more diverse. Those offerings include Katherine Heigl midseason drama Doubt, which co-stars primetime’s first broadcast series featuring a transgender regular played by a trans actress (Laverne Cox).

“I think that’s phenomenal,” he said. “We are definitely moving in the right direction.

Of CBS’ eight new series, only one is female-driven (Doubt) and only one features a black lead (Training Day with newcomer Justin Cornwell starring opposite Bill Paxton).
The gender balance issue was sparked over the weekend when CBS opted to pass on its Nancy Drew reboot. Described as a contemporary take on the character from the iconic Nancy Drew book series, CBS’ drama pilot focused on Nancy (Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi), now in her 30s and a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world. Geller told THR in January that the network’s Nancy Drew would be diverse. Shahi, a Persian actress, was cast a month and a half later following a months-long courting process by Geller.

Pressed on why he opted to pass on Drew, Geller said that he had a number of pilots to choose from and the network “chose the best pilot.”

Geller’s groveling shows that our national decline is now reaching freefall and will continue to accelerate with Hillary Clinton’s war on white men campaign about to be fully rolled out. Between being cast aside economically by globalism, blasted by racists bearing accusations of white privilege and being demonized by a cunning and cynical Democratic party that can only win by pandering to identity groups the American white male has become persona non grata in his own country.

The forced diversity lynch mob won’t be happy until they get a reality TV show in which white men are given an hour head start in a jungle setting before heavily armed hunting groups comprised of women, transgenders, blacks and Latinos are turned loose in hot pursuit – it would combine the best elements of Survivor and the Running Man. Just think of the ratings blockbuster that would be. The Running White Man?