Prematurely Deceased Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has been back in the news this week. First, neighborhood avenger George Zimmerman put the gun that Martin was killed with up for auction in an audacious public relations stunt – the firearm reportedly sold despite some trickery. But even sleazier is the scheduled visit by Queen Hillary to the Trayvon Martin Foundation to pander to blacks who are her ticket to winning the election in November.

The Miami Herald reports “Hillary Clinton to speak to Trayvon Martin Foundation in Fort Lauderdale”:

When Hillary Clinton speaks to the Trayvon Martin Foundation in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, she will be continuing her groundwork to boost black voter turnout in Florida.

Clinton will likely repeat familiar themes of importance to black voters, such as inequalities in the criminal justice system, voting rights, school segregation and gun violence, which helped her crush Bernie Sanders in the Florida primary March 15.

She has continued similar messages now that she is focusing on Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee. A recent poll showed Clinton and Trump in a dead heat in Florida, a crucial swing state.

The scuzzy peckerwood gangsters that are the Clintons are on a mission from Satan to reoccupy the White House come hell or high water and if it takes setting half the country ablaze with race riots it’s a small price to pay. While the corrupt establishment media works 24/7 to smear Donald Trump as a David Duke loving, Nazi sympathizing, card carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan it goes completely ignored that Hillary is looking to push enough buttons so as to actually  incite a wave of racial violence.

Joseph Goebbels would be in awe at the propaganda prowess of the media in this country and the slimy job in covering up the race baiting that Hillary is engaged in. It’s sick and dangerous but careers are on the line as are invitations to next year’s White House  Correspondents Dinner, and event that the presstitutes are working hard to ensure will be hosted by Bill and Hillary.