Never let it be said that the Washington Post’s contempt for voters is a partisan thing. The stalwart protectors of the Beltway elite have been engaged in an 11 months running war on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump which has largely been futile. Trump’s grave offense? The threat of a challenge to the political bloodsuckers in imperial Washington to continue to live high off the hog off of the American taxpayer dime. Since Trump has all but sealed the deal, it is now Bernie Sanders who – at least for the moment – has become public enemy number one. Sanders just refuses to buckle and surrender to Queen Hillary who is now the establishment’s last great white hope.

In his latest column “Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign is a gift to Trump” MSNBC regular Eugene Robinson whines:

Hillary Clinton has an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, earned by her performance in primaries and caucuses. In the aggregate, she leads Sanders by about 3 million votes. The will of the party is clear: More Democrats prefer Clinton over Sanders as their nominee.

Instead of accepting this obvious fact, the Sanders campaign is behaving like a 2-year-old who can’t have ice cream for breakfast. All along, Sanders and his aides have claimed that the party establishment was unfairly tipping the scales in favor of Clinton. Now the Sanders people have gone further and are deliberately stoking anger and a sense of grievance — less against Clinton than the party itself. This is reckless in the extreme, and it could put Trump in the White House.

Liberal fuckwand Chris Cillizza chipped in with “Hillary Clinton sent a very clear message to Bernie Sanders today: Enough is enough”:

Hillary Clinton has been waiting (relatively) patiently for Bernie Sanders to recognize the mathematical and political realities of his current situation and either end his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination or heavily scale back the rhetoric he has been using against her.

He has done neither. And in an interview Thursday with CNN, Clinton made clear that she’s had enough.

Here’s the key piece of what she said to CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

I went all the way to the end against then-Senator Obama. I won nine out of the last 12 contests back in ’08. I won Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia. So I know the intense feelings that arise, particularly among your supporters as you go toward the end. But we both were following the same rules just as both Senator Sanders and I are following the same rules, and I’m 3 million votes ahead of him and I have an insurmountable lead in pledge delegates and I’m confident that just as I did with Senator Obama, where I said, you know what? It was really close. Much closer. Much closer than it is between me and Senator Sanders right now.

The not-so-subtle message? Look, man, I’ve walked in your shoes. It sucks. But I did the right thing for the party. Time for you to do the same.

Message: get out of her way old man, she’s entitled.

In the interests of bipartisan unity on protecting the rotten to the core status quo the Post is also rolling out the esteemed Charles Kraüthammer to chip in with conservative spin on why Sanders should cave and line up behind Mrs. Clinton:

Normally, endorsements don’t matter in American politics. But the Sanders constituency is substantial and very loyal. And rather angry now as they can see the Clinton machine winning the nomination through superdelegates.

She needs his blessing and active support in the general election. If not carefully cultivated and appeased, say, on the party platform and/or vice presidential choice, Sanders could very well disappear after the Philadelphia convention and leave her to her own devices — which are much lacking, as demonstrated in her recent primary losses.

She needs to keep his legions in the game through November. At the very least, she needs him to warn his followers away from a Trump temptation.

That, after all, is Trump’s path to victory: Add a few industrial blue states to the traditional must-win swing states — Ohio and Florida, most obviously — and pull off an Electoral College win.

Hillary cannot completely pivot to the general election battle with Trump until she is finally rid of the meddlesome socialist geezer who has latched onto her leg like a determined pitbull. The Dem establishment smear machine has busily been using the uprising at the Nevada convention over the weekend to hammer the meme that Bernie’s Bolsheviks are violent anarchists – a spin with at least some basis in truth – and are busily scheming behind closed doors to bury a shank in Bernie’s back once and for all – but the fly in the ointment is how to appease his ardent supporters. Once accomplished, the media’s job will be to sell the Trump as Hitler and Hillary as Sir Winston narrative in a Manichean good vs. evil way that is perfect for mass consumption by a dumbed-down public. The WAPO is leading the way on this with their rare diversion from Trump bashing today because it it is imperative that the Clinton machine extract itself from the muck in order to roll on towards November 8th.