Having declared that the Democratic Party nomination is now hers to keep, Hillary Rodham-Clinton is ready to dispense with the formalities and have the crown placed upon her ugly head. The Dem establishment has had just about all that they are going to take from Bernie Sanders and his rabble and according to accounts, Hillary is royally pissed at the continued intransigence from the Vermont senator. Following an uprising at last weekend’s Nevada Democratic Party convention over the ongoing rigging of the process for Mrs. Clinton, the media and party hacks turned their fury on the old socialist crank and are outraged that he is fighting back. Now, with the party elite mobilized against Sanders she sees no need for any more debates on the issues because it behooves her to hide behind the smokescreen of gender politics.

The Hill is reporting “Clinton feels no pressure to debate Sanders”:

Allies of Hillary Clinton say the Democratic front-runner should feel no pressure to appear in another debate against Bernie Sanders.

Sanders accepted an invitation by Fox News earlier this week to take part in an upcoming debate ahead of the California primary. But Clinton, who is 90 delegates away from clinching the Democratic nomination, hasn’t agreed to participate.

Nor should she, allies say.

“There’s nothing to debate,” said one longtime ally and confidante. “There’s nothing new. You can run these debates on loop. The attacks are all the same. And we cannot tolerate his tired, old attacks that continue to disunite the party at a time when it’s supposed to be united.”

A former Clinton aide said Sanders should be allowed to finish campaigning in the primary but he should also give Clinton the space she needs to focus on the general without creating “more friction.”

It’s basically over,” the former aide said. “He needs to work on uniting the party, not scheduling another debate.”

As of Friday afternoon, there was no word on whether the debate would happen.

But unifying the party is going to be a daunting task after the post-Nevada efforts at the delegitimization of Sanders and his loyalists. Sure, the establishment has cigar store Indian Elizabeth Warren waiting in the wings to apply a soothing bullshit balm to the sores on the backs of the lepers – many of whom are too blind to see that she’s a Judas goat – but a lot of them won’t buy it. There are legions of hardcore Sanders supporters who would sooner eat broken glass than surrender to Team Clinton. While they won’t admit it, many will cast their votes for Donald Trump as revenge come November.

The longer that the Clintonist Democrat establishment remains embroiled in the civil war with Bernie’s insurgents the more time is wasted on the billion dollar attack on Trump that the media is ready to help deliver. While Mrs. Clinton really does have nothing to gain by participating in one last confrontation it is Sanders who missed a big opportunity when he mollycoddled the bitch in the early debates before he grew a pair.