Emperor Barack Obama – a man who once favorably compared Ho Chi Minh to the Founding Fathers – has landed in Vietnam. The visit to the communist country and member of the job destroying Trans-Pacific Partnership comes at an interesting time considering that next Monday is Memorial Day and Dear Leader will put on his annual dog and pony show to honor America’s war dead. Tens of thousands of whom gave their lives in the same country that Barry will spend the next few days shucking and jiving around in.

Reuters reports “Obama arrives in Vietnam to start three-day visit”:

U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Vietnam on Sunday for a three-day trip aimed at strengthening defense and economic ties with a former enemy that has become a key focus of Washington’s Asia “rebalance” strategy.

Obama’s jet, Air Force One, arrived late in the evening in the capital Hanoi, where he will meet the communist country’s leadership triumvirate of party chief, president and prime minister.

Accompanying Obama on the trip will be Secretary of State John Kerry, who arrived a few hours earlier from Myanmar. Obama is also due to visit Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s commercial hub known before 1975 as Saigon, the capital of the U.S.-backed South Vietnam that was defeated in the war.

With world class buffoon John “Skull and Bones” Kerry in tow, Mr. Obama will work to open the door for the former enemy to become yet another offshoring Mecca for greedy corporations seeking a cheap labor pool to exploit at the cost of American jobs. He will also negotiate the terms on ending restrictions on arms sales, a move that has defense contractors and speculators salivating with a big deal in the works.

So much for Kerry’s mythology as a courageous anti-war voice, all that hogwash about his principles and throwing his war medals over the fence has served him well in his rise to the pinnacle of wealth and power. Now, he is just another member of the corrupt globalist elite that seeks to dismantle America as anything outside of a military protector for transnational corporations. Marrying into the Heinz family ketchup empire tends to change one’s perspective and Kerry is an example of youthful idealism gone to rot. Then again, his entire story may be based on bullshit as some who served with him have claimed.

Great timing Obama, you might as well just go down to that black wall on the National Mall with 58,000 plus names inscribed on it, whip out your schlong and piss all over it next Monday.