In yet another dispatch form the moral wasteland of Obamastan, a California man faces charges over giving illegal drugs to his dog. The pet, a terrier mix named Bubba was discovered in a hotel room while police were serving an arrest warrant on parole violator Joshua West, a scumbag with a history of drug problems. Both West and the dog were taken into custody, the perp went to the pokey while the pet went to rehab where it will be put up for adoption upon recovery.

CNN reports that “Dog tests positive for meth, heroin”:

A dog picked up during an arrest in California has tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin, authorities said.

Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright tells CNN that the dog named Bubba was found in a hotel room after officers served an arrest warrant for Joshua West, 40, on March 22 in Orange County.
West was on parole for drug violations, said Wright. Police reported illegal drugs were found in the room along with used needles.

The dog was turned over to Orange County Animal Care (OCAC) and transported to its facility. Police say they were contacted later that the dog may have been under the influence of drugs.

CNN affiliate KCBS/KCAL reports that animal control officers noticed the dog was acting “lethargic.”

Wright says Bubba’s urine was tested and the results came back positive for meth and heroin.

“This strikes me as pretty horrible. This is the first time we’ve ever heard of someone reporting that an animal has been under the influence,” Wright told the affiliate.

Animal abusers should occupy a special place in Hell in the section reserved for child molesters and politicians but while still upon this mortal coil, West should be locked up for a good long time.