Emperor Barack Obama’s trip to communist Vietnam this week has served two major purposes. First, He has spat on the graves of every American who once died there with his unconscionable agreement to sell arms to our former enemy in order to militarily provoke China. Second, he is rapidly moving to facilitate the offshoring of millions of American jobs by fiercely pushing the abominable Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the crown jewel in his radical agenda. The American people who stand to suffer have had zero say in the imposition of the global trade deal and Mr. Obama is determined to keep it that way despite mounting opposition from non-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Obama races to cement the big Pacific Rim trade deal that all his potential successors oppose”:

President Obama is racing against the clock to cement a massive Pacific Rim trade deal that all of his potential successors oppose, with his administration eyeing a looming fight on Capitol Hill while starting to implement as much of the complicated pact as it can.

The effort begins in Vietnam, where Obama spent the last three days touting the merits of the 12-nation Trans Pacific Partnership, which would link 40% of the global economy, and reassuring Vietnamese leaders key to the deal that Congress will ultimately overcome the thorny politics of trade and ratify the agreement.

“Nothing is easy in Washington these days,” Obama assured participants at a round table discussion with business leaders Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of what is one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies. “But despite sometimes the lack of cooperation with Congress, I seem to be able to get a lot of things done anyway.”

Ordinarily, a presidential administration would wait until Congress ratifies a trade agreement before putting it into force with member nations. But with just eight months left in office and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders all against the deal, Obama and his advisors appear to have concluded that they must speed up that lengthy process to preserve the trade pact.

Obama will return to American soil and by hook or by crook he will ram through as much of the mother of all sellouts before he is helicoptered off of the White House lawn next January. His corporate masters demand it and it is they who will underwrite his post-presidential life of luxury and six figure speeches.

El Presidente will go to his trusty executive orders to ensure that a human rights abusing shithole like Vietnam can become the latest Mecca for low cost labor. There will be the token opposition in Congress – it’s an election year – but it’s all just an act until after the votes have been counted.

The leadership team stands in unity with Obama on the TPP, especially rock star Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. WhIle  the LAT story states that all of his potential successors oppose the big stab in the back you can strike the duplicitous Hillary Clinton from that list. As the corporate interests that shelled out that $21 million for her speeches can attest to, the bitch is already bought.

Look for Obama’s final months to be marked by a hurricane of executive orders and other forms of trickery to do his part in forever chaining the USA to the corporate globalist world order.