The crisis in the nation’s airports continues as a new story reveals that 70,000 American Airlines passengers have missed their flights this year due to Soviet style TSA security checkpoint delays. The besieged big government agency offered up a blood sacrifice this week with an underling being asked to fall on his sword but there are very deep and serious problems with the entire shebang. Not the least being the concept that such a thing flies in the face of a free country and is particularly alien to America.

So when all else fails – change the subject and remind hapless travelers that it’s all just to “keep us safe” which is exactly what is happening with a suspiciously timed AP report about airport fence security breaches. If the federal government learned anything from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks it is that fear is a potent and useful tool. In order to get the American sheeple to accept their own enslavement – and pay for it to boot – all that it takes is a timely bit of propaganda fed into the media spin cycle.

The Association Press reports “Intruders breach US airport fences about every 10 days”:

Under pressure to prevent people from sneaking onto runways and planes at major U.S. airports, authorities are cracking down — not on the intruders who slip through perimeter gates or jump over fences, but on the release of information about the breaches.

A year after an Associated Press investigation first revealed persistent problems with airports’ outer defenses, breaches remain as frequent as ever — occurring about once every 10 days — despite some investments to fortify the nation’s airfields. As Americans focus on the wait in ever-longer security screening lines inside terminals, new documents show dozens more incidents happening outside perimeters than airports have disclosed.

At the same time, leaders at some airports and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration are saying some of the 345 incidents AP found shouldn’t count as security breaches, even when intruders got deep into secure areas.

Was it a perimeter security breach in March 2015 when a woman walked past a vehicle exit gate at San Francisco International Airport and onto the tarmac, where she tried to flag down a jet for a trip home to Guatemala? No it was not, said the airport and TSA officials, who also tried to suppress information about the case. Nor did they label it a breach when a man, following voices only he could hear, drove through a San Francisco security gate and asked a worker fueling a plane when the next flight was.

The entire piece can be read here.

Many of the examples in the AP piece are ludicrous and a sign of how desperate that our gargantuan government is to preserve itself and it’s unchecked power. The uninformed goons in airports along with the child fondling, sexual molestations, harassment of old women and theft is all about control and it always has been. There are more effective ways to conduct screening that would be less intrusive, more cost effective and best conducted by private parties. It’s way past the time to get the feds the hell out of airports and revoking the fear card would be the perfect place to begin the process.