Despite being whipped like a dog everywhere outside of states filled with gullible fools who are susceptible to being sold religious snake oil by Elmer Gantry like hucksters, Texas senator Ted Cruz – like a chronic case of genital herpes – just refuses to go away. Instead of falling in line with the majority of Republicans in the greater interest of preventing the restoration of the Clinton crime family to the throne, Cruz insists on meddling at the convention just to piss on Donald Trump’s parade even if it results in Hillary being sworn in as POTUS next January.

In a futile attempt to preserve the influence of the sleazy used car salesmen masquerading as social conservative leaders, the Canadian born Cruz is working hard to ensure that the Republican platform eschews economic fairness and remains fixated on the same sort of stupid culture war issues that will keep losing elections on a national level until well after he’s pushing up daisies. Some people never get it and that especially goes for a bible thumping snake the likes of Lyin’ Ted whose chumming around with the deranged Glenn Beck tells you all to know about his abysmal character.

Political is reporting that “Cruz vows to fight Trump on abortion plank in RNC platform”:

Though Marco Rubio suggested on Thursday that he expects his delegates to be released for Donald Trump and even volunteered to speak on his behalf, Ted Cruz signaled on Friday that he would take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to Cleveland. And the fight for delegates and the party’s platform is far from over, he said, despite Trump having clinched the required number to become the nominee.

“I am looking and listening to see what the candidates do,” the Texas senator told Tulsa, Oklahoma, radio host Pat Campbell, who listened as Cruz spoke about the importance of electing a conservative to the White House.

When Campbell remarked that it sounded as though Trump did not meet his standards, Cruz replied, “I hope that he will.”

Cruz talked up Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) for reelection, his campaign chair in the state, praising him for his backbone, what he called a “rare quality” in Washington.

Before wrapping the interview, Campbell asked Cruz if he could promise to listeners to ensure Republicans in Cleveland do not “screw around with the party platform and remove the abortion plank, or alter it.”

You know, there’s goddamned good reason why Roe v. Wade is still legal after all of these years. That reason is that slimy, lying cocksuckers the likes of Ted Cruz and his ilk have been able to use it as a ruse to dupe voters into continuing to vote against their own economic self-interests in order to keep the big con going. The biggest reason why Trump is hated to the extent that he is by the establishment is that for the first time in decades he is talking to Republicans in terms of lost jobs due to globalism and declining opportunity thanks to politicians who have sold their souls to parasites like the crew at Goldman Sachs – Heidi’s employer – and they are rising up. Such a thing threatens the American mullahs and they desperately fear losing their ability to extort Republicans so that they can continue to feed at the trough.

Ted has been trounced and rejected and were it not for the cheesehead mafia’s great Wisconsin firewall in a last futile attempt to stop the Trump express then he would have been long gone. It’s time for Cruz to stop dicking around and do what it takes to stop Hillary instead of being a motherfucker who will piss away the election with his insistence on ideological purity.