Penultimate Republican insider Newt Gingrich has been basking in renewed attention as of late. The Clinton era Speaker of the House has seen an opportunity and climbed aboard the Trump train – more like a gravy train for Newt – in a savvy career move. While there has been speculation that the Donald might tab Gingrich as his veep that would severely damage Trump given Newt’s quirky personality and establishment pedigree. More likely he will continue to dispense advice on who Trump’s running mate should be and Newt has a serious chubby for Bob Corker.

Politico is reporting “Newt:’Very stable’ Corker would balance Trump ticket”:

In terms of who Donald Trump should select as his running mate, Newt Gingrich sees upsides in quite a few contenders.

The former speaker of the House participated in a live Facebook video chat with the Canadian American Business Council on Friday, chatting about a variety of subjects related to international cooperation with respect to the United States’ neighbor to the north. But he didn’t get away without being quizzed on the veepstakes.

The top name on the list: Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who met with Trump on Monday and summarily dismissed any talk that the Manhattan encounter had anything to do with being the presumptive nominee’s running mate.

“Corker’s a great guy. He actually has something in common with Donald, because they’ve both been very successful businessmen in real estate,” Gingrich said, noting that he was the mayor of Chattanooga before becoming a senator and chairing the Foreign Relations Committee.

He added, “very stable guy, in some ways would balance Trump.”

The idea of Trump needing “balance” is the same tepid hogwash that produced palookas like John McCain and Mitt Romney and loses elections. Being balanced is not what has gotten Trump this far and listening to insiders who preach mushy moderation will be a huge turnoff to the people energized by Trump’s consistently anti-establishment message.

With the billionaire outsider looking increasingly likely to end up in the White House it is imperative that the party establishment makes sure that they can install a minder and baby sitter to ensure that Trump doesn’t follow through on his promises. That’s why Bob Corker’s name is being mentioned as much as it has. The Tennessee Senator is an establishment tool as well as a collaborator of the infamous Gang of Eight and as such would be more of the same.

The American Conservative points out that a Corker V.P. pick would be a problem in the article “A Trump-Corker Ticket?”:

Corker had previously given Trump’s foreign policy speech a qualified positive review, and Trump has expressed interest in finding a running mate that understands the workings of Congress, so adding Corker to the ticket would seem to make some sense. It would still be a somewhat curious choice for Trump to make. Immigration isn’t the only issue that matters to Trump supporters, but they wouldn’t be pleased to have a supporter of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill on the ticket. If the first rule in selecting a running mate is supposed to be to do no harm it is hard to see how Corker would be a good choice. Corker is usually seen as a moderate in the party, and Trump needs to shore up support with ideological movement conservatives, so it doesn’t really help him in unifying the Republicans head of the convention. The idea of putting Corker on the ticket is receiving some support from other Senate Republicans, but it’s not clear who else would be reassured or encouraged by the choice.

And it would be a terrible choice solely because of the Gang of Eight affiliation. While not an official member, Corker was a key backer of amnesty and as the saying goes, a leopard can’t change it’s spots. A man can be judged by the company that he keeps and palling around with RINOs the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio is hardly a positive sign. Trump needs to stop listening to longtime party apparatchiks like Newt Gingrich and drop Senator Corker like a hot potato. It will not behoove the billionaire outsider one bit in this year of unprecedented political revolt to roll with a man the likes of Corker.

It’s understandable that Trump would want a running mate with actual D.C. experience but choosing a dude who is a part of the problem would be a monumental blunder. Senator Jeff Sessions should be a no brainier for the spot due to his opposition to the globalists which is why you won’t be hearing Newt singing his praises.

One more thing with Gingrich and that he has built a career off of being an all but acknowledged lobbyist for Israel. With billionaire Zionist casino mogul Sheldon Adelson now onboard with Trump it would benefit the dear friend of Bibi Netanyahu to have a guy like Newt working on vetting potential running mates as well as other administration positions. Corker if you recall worked his ass off to torpedo the P5+1 talks and is still trying to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal, he is money in the bank for Adelson and if anything, Gingrich knows who butters his bread.