No matter how weird that things become in the moral wasteland of Obamastan they just keep getting weirder. In a piece of random bizarre news to ring in the long holiday weekend a Utah man was arrested after going off the chain and exposing himself to children with get this – bells hanging from his testicles. The perp, a 64 year old Jim Dandy named Kenneth Allen Beck – no word on whether he’s related to Glenn – shucked his laundry and pranced around with some sort of jingling bells strung from his balls in front of a number of children and teenagers. While Beck fancied himself as the life of the party there are laws against such a thing and he was charged with lewd conduct as a result.

As reported by Salt Lake City affiliate Fox 13 ““Utah County police cite man spotted running nude with ‘bells hanging from his genitals’”:

A Riverton man was cited for lewdness involving a child Thursday after he was allegedly spotted by several people running on a trail while wearing nothing except for several bells that were hanging from his genitals.

According to a press release from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, police were called to the Diamond Fork hot pots in Spanish Fork Canyon Thursday just before 5 p.m. after reports, “a man was running around naked with bells hanging from his genitals.”

Several witnesses between the ages of 8 and 16 told deputies they had seen the man, who was later located fully clothed near the trailhead parking lot. The suspect, 64-year-old Kenneth Allen Beck of Riverton, “told Deputies he just likes doing what witnesses described to see their reaction.”

The man has a prior conviction for Lewdness-Indecent Exposure stemming from an incident that occurred in Saratoga Springs in 2005. In that instance, the man had exposed himself to an employee at a business while ordering food. He was convicted of a class B misdemeanor in that case.

Beck was cited for a class A misdemeanor, Lewdness Involving a Child, for Thursday’s alleged activity.

Whether this paragon of moral virtue was drunk, high on drugs or just plain old batshit freaking crazy wasn’t divulged but considering that he told deputies that he was just trying to get a reaction it’s probably more of the latter.