A transgender vagrant has succumbed to injuries received after he was attacked and beaten while in a Vermont homeless encampment. Amos Beede, a 38 year old “chick” with a dick suffered multiple injuries including head trauma, facial fractures and a number of broken ribs that are consistent with getting the hell kicked out of him and after a week long struggle for life, passed from this mortal coil on Sunday. The authorities have yet to officially label the assault on Beede as a hate crime as there may have been mitigating circumstances but liberals will be applying pressure to do exactly that.

According to a CNN report “Vermont transgender man dies after attack”:

A Vermont transgender man died on Sunday from injuries suffered in a beating that was initially investigated as a possible bias incident, Burlington Police said.

Amos Beede, 38, was described by police as transient. He was attacked in a homeless encampment near Pine Street Barge Canal in Burlington, which is where police found him the morning of May 22. He suffered multiple blunt force injuries to his face and head, causing internal bleeding, and numerous broken ribs, police said in a news release the day of the assault.

Beede was brought to the University of Vermont Medical Center for treatment and initially, his recovery prospects seemed favorable. But his condition deteriorated over the week until police announced on Sunday he had succumbed to his injuries.

Because Beede was a transgender man, police “will continue to view this homicide as a possible bias incident,” said Chief of Police Brandon del Pozo in a news release on Sunday. The department “has not ruled out the victim’s transgender status as a possible additional motive,” he said.

But on Monday, a Burlington Police spokesman said the motivation for the assault involved a dispute that was not related to Beede’s gender identity.

“This was not a random crime and the parties involved are known to one another,” Lt. Shawn P. Burke told CNN. Police have identified two persons of interest in the case, he said.
An autopsy will reveal the cause of Beede’s death, del Pozo said.

With the big liberal push for a crushing diversity enforced by the power vested in the state it would greatly behoove efforts if an example could be seized upon as proof that transgenders are being targeted for violence due to their identities – especially in an election year. The presstitutes and liberals made a big deal over the two Boston area thugs who beat and peed on a homeless Hispanic man last year in order to blame it all on Donald Trump so it is hardly a stretch to expect that a similar effort will be made in this case – or any other acts of random violence that may influence voters.