The establishment’s very terrible nightmare continues as the election of Donald Trump has passed from unthinkable to damn near inevitable. Nowhere is the fear of the coming shake up and restoration of America first policies stronger than inside the Beltway of imperial Washington. Peak dread may have occurred over the weekend during the annual Rolling Thunder rally when tens of thousands of bikers roared into the nation’s capital for Memorial Day and were addressed by Trump. That must have truly struck terror into the hearts of chickenshit, pencil necked geeks like WAPO Editorial Board whiner Richard Cohen who has penned a screed of how Trump supporters aka ordinary Americans have him quaking in his boots.

In his piece “Trump has taught me to fear my fellow Americans”, Cohen recites a litany of failed smears and vents:

What word comes to mind when you see the name Donald Trump? For some people, it might be “anger,” since he provokes it and stokes it. For others, it might be “ignorance,” since he knows so little and, like many unburdened by knowledge, is untroubled by facts. Some might say “fear,” since it would take some scary police tactics to push 11 million people over the border to Mexico. For me, none of those words suffices. I would say “betrayal.”


Donald Trump has taught me to fear my fellow American. I don’t mean the occasional yahoo who turns a Trump rally into a hate fest. I mean the ones who do nothing. Who are silent. Who look the other way. If you had told me a year ago that a hateful brat would be the presidential nominee of a major political party, I would have scoffed. Someone who denigrated women? Not possible. Someone who insulted Mexicans? No way. Someone who mocked the physically disabled? Not in America. Not in my America.


When I see these Trump supporters on television — the commentators, the Politician’s Puttanesca (a dish to poison the body politic) — I have to wonder where they would draw the line. The answer seems to be: nowhere. They want to win. They want to beat Hillary Clinton, a calling so imperative that sheer morality must give way. Muslims and Mexicans are merely collateral damage in a war that must be fought. What about blacks or Jews? Not yet.

The whole thing is here if you can stomach it.

It’s a steaming pile of manure to dig through to get to the implied message that Trump – like the WAPO’s favorite bogeyman Adolf Hitler – will eventually start rounding up the Jews. Mr. Cohen’s reference to Hearing “the echo of jackboots on cobblestone” has only one true historical meaning. It’s less about Cohen – who like many of his WAPO cohorts – is Jewish having a real case of paranoia that one day he will end up in one of those FEMA camps that the elite so enjoy mocking. No, it’s a fear that his lifetime ticket on the establishment gravy train is about to be revoked as well it should be along with the rest of the clowns and stuffed shirts who have provided media cover for the great robbery and the selling out of America.