All but certain Democratic Party nominee Hillary Rodham-Clinton is to deliver a high profile speech today slamming Donald Trump’s “dangerous” foreign policy. Considering that it was during her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State that the Middle East erupted in flames, leading to the rise of ISIS it’s akin to being given a lesson in dinner table etiquette by Jeffrey Dahmer. Hillary’s disastrous decision to topple Libyan despot Muammar Gaddafi in order to prove that she had a set of balls led to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, set into motion a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions manifested in today’s refugee crisis and left a power vacuum to be filled by Islamic extremists. So it’s not as if she is the one who should be delivering lectures.

The New York Times reports on today’s Clinton fusillade in the story “Hillary Clinton to Portray Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Positions as Dangerous”:

Hillary Clinton plans to deliver a scorching assessment of Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy prescriptions on Thursday, casting her likely Republican rival as a threat to decades of bipartisan tenets of American diplomacy and declaring him unfit for the presidency.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign aides said the speech, which she will deliver in San Diego, would be the start of a persistent assault to portray a potential Trump presidency as a dangerous proposition that would weaken American alliances and embolden enemies.

The argument will include specific criticism of comments Mr. Trump has made about rethinking the United States’s support of NATO; his proposal to allow Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to acquire nuclear weapons; his vow to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the United States; and his pledge to advance the use of torture and kill the families of suspected terrorists.

But Mrs. Clinton will also invoke her experiences as secretary of state, including in 2011 when she supported President Obama’s decision to send Navy SEALs on a raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden, to make the case that Mr. Trump does not have the temperament to make such decisions.

“Donald Trump is unlike any presidential candidate we’ve seen, maybe ever, certainly in decades, in that he does not cross the threshold of fitness for the job,” said Jake Sullivan, Mrs. Clinton’s top policy adviser, who helped draft the speech.

Mrs. Clinton has all but abandoned the gender politics card in her blitzkrieg against Trump, perhaps the presumptive GOP nominee’s work at dragging all of the old sex scandals about her pervert of a husband have nullified it. She is now reduced to attacking on the rehashed Trump University lawsuit which has the increasing appearance of a corrupt politically motivated witch hunt and boasting about her foreign policy record. It is the latter that has the potential to boomerang on her though, Hillary is a blood-saturated, globalist warmonger who embodies the worst aspects of what the great Australian journalist John Pilger called the “improve or we’ll kill you” form of liberalism and a Clinton presidency would result in even more foreign war at the expense of rebuilding America First. The speech will earn her the highest of praise from the freaks at the Washington Post but her own record of costly failures and death is something that she isn’t going to be able to hide from.