Conniving Clinton got a boost in California when she landed the coveted endorsement of Governor Moonbeam but remains locked in a dogfight with the tenacious Bernie Sanders as the critical primary looms and the FBI is nipping at her heels over those damn emails. So what better time to distract from her own woes by attacking presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. There is of course the former Secretary of State’s hectoring Trump over his disastrous foreign policy which is akin to being lectured on dinner etiquette by Jeffrey Dahmer considering that her Libyan catastrophe helped to spawn ISIS. But the crux of the attacks are a rehash on the evils of Trump University, the ginned-up scandal that worked wonders for Trump’s Republican competition.

CNN (which might as well stand for Clinton News Network) reports that “Clinton blasts Trump University, calls GOP rival a ‘fraud'”:

Hillary Clinton is hammering Donald Trump’s namesake set of training programs, calling the school “more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud.”

“He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump University,” the likely Democratic presidential nominee said at an event Wednesday in Newark, New Jersey.

The attacks Clinton unleashed against Trump are among her sharpest of the campaign — reflecting a belief that Trump University is a major vulnerability for the presumptive GOP nominee and that Trump is likely to be goaded into a response that would keep the issue alive.

Clinton pointed to documents unsealed by a judge Tuesday in a lawsuit over Trump University.

“His own employees testified that Trump U — you can’t make this up — that Trump U was a fraudulent scheme where Donald Trump enriched himself at the expense of hard working people,” Clinton said.

“Trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable Americans encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures, all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning,” she said. “This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud. He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump University.

The story – or for that matter ANY stories – omit any mention of the global money laundering, influence peddling clearinghouse the Clinton Foundation. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black but Hillary is never once called on her bullshit. Mrs. Clinton also has a glaring set of double standards when it comes to scammers, especially the ones on Wall Street who bankrolled her secret six figure speeches and did far more to screw average Americans during the housing crisis than Trump could ever dream of.

The class action lawsuit is fueled by a pack of whiny suckers who somehow thought that attending the costly sessions bearing Trump’s name would instantly land them on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and backed by a handful of disgruntled former employees. To top it off, the politically motivated sham which will be hyped by Democrats and Clinton lackeys in the media as though it were the O.J. Simpson trial of the century, has a judge motivated by an apparent racial animus towards Trump.

The one big thing that those get rich quick real estate schools never bother explaining when they are collecting the tuition dough is that it also takes a damned good amount of businesses acumen to be successful. The finest real estate schools in the land are useless if the student lacks drive, panache, excellent communication skills and a desire to bust their asses. If selling real estate and flipping properties was easy then practically everyone would be doing it and the economy would just be a booming. The sad truth is that there are millions who have dabbled in real estate and not made a freaking dime. Hell, I even have a real estate license and can personally attest to what a ruthless, ball buster that it is – much like Hillary herself

If Trump University is Mrs. Clinton’s big hope then she’s in even more serious trouble than it appears she is.