The favorite son of the Beltway elite and the lobbyists who swarm the nation’s capital like locusts has had his halo repossessed after his endorsement of Donald Trump on Thursday. Paul Ryan finally caved in the interests of his own career party unity and fell in line behind the presumptive nominee. The Washington Post Editorial Board which serves as a powerful megaphone for anti-Trump propaganda was so outraged that it turned on the Speaker of the House, ripping him over his betrayal of America. It was an astonishing turn for a paper that has regaled the Wisconsin congressman as a bipartisan superhero who was ushering in a new era for the Republican party. It’s a show of just how loyal that the presstitutes are in that teeming snakepit of a newspaper that serves as a guardian of the corrupt status quo.

According to the Editorial Board “Mr. Ryan’s endorsement of Trump is sad day for the GOP — and America”:

As Donald Trump was building a campaign on lies, bigotry, insults, fearmongering and unreason, a few Republican leaders of apparent principle offered some resistance. Foremost among them was House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). In March, Mr. Ryan insisted that “all of us as leaders can hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and decency” and that “we shouldn’t accept ugliness as the norm.”

On Thursday Mr. Ryan capitulated to ugliness. It was a sad day for the speaker, for his party and for all Americans who hoped that some Republican leaders would have the fortitude to put principle over partisanship, job security or the forlorn fantasy that Mr. Trump will advance a traditional GOP agenda.


Following Mr. Ryan’s endorsement, some insisted that the speaker had little choice. This is false. “My dad used to say, ‘If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem,’ ” Mr. Ryan said in March. When he has a comparable conversation with his children, how will Mr. Ryan explain the decision he made in   this campaign?

Ryan’s endorsement, following the news that the best alternative that Never Trumper William Kristol could dredge up was an obscure National Review stuffed shirt named David French, was the culmination of Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP.

The WAPO will now become an unofficial propaganda arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign.