A North Carolina woman who scored a cheap freezer at a yard sale wasn’t thrilled with a surprise extra thrown in by the seller. The purchaser was horrified to discover that the appliance contained the frozen remains of an elderly woman which killed any thrill associated with getting a hell of a deal on it for a meager thirty bucks. How anyone could buy a freezer and not look inside of it or demand that it be cleaned out is anyone’s guess but this is one heck of a morbid tale totally appropriate for these strange times.

According to Raleigh TV station WRAL “Goldsboro woman finds body in freezer: ‘I was just in shock’”:

The body of an elderly Goldsboro woman was found inside a chest freezer a neighbor said she purchased for $30 from a yard sale last month.

According to police, officers responded to 1723 Holly St. last week in reference to the discovery of possible human remains. When officers arrived, they found a woman’s body in a freezer.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the seller told her the items inside the freezer were for a Sunday school project and that the church would pick them up. She said three weeks later, no one had come by.

“Nothing was adding up, so I started to become suspicious about it,” she said.

The freezer was plugged in and sitting in the woman’s spare bedroom when she decided to open it. She said she saw a frozen foot.

“I was just in shock,” she said. “I opened it up for a second time and my heart went into my throat. I ran out of the house and called 911.”

She said she was overwhelmed when she made the call.

“I was hysterical at first, but after a while, after I was able to comprehend what was going on, I was able to calm down,” she said.

The woman said she believes the remains belong to the mother of the person that sold her the freezer. She said she had not seen the elderly woman since the fall.

Neighbors said the seller of the freezer moved to West Virginia.

According to police the seller has been identified as Marcella Jean Lee, the daughter of the frozen cadaver and it doesn’t exactly take the wizards of CSI to guess that she probably stuck mom’s body in the freezer in order to keep collecting her Social Security checks. Police are currently searching for Lee in an effort to get to the bottom of this macabre story.