From the you had to know that this was coming department, Sam Liccardo blamed the mob violence against Trump supporters on – you guessed it – Donald Trump. Mr. Liccardo, who is the Mayor of San Jose, CA as well as a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter is taking deserved heat over his callous indifference towards the criminal actions that took place in the streets of his city. Vicious flash mobs of mostly Hispanic hooligans ambushed, stalked, taunted, spat upon and beat people emerging from a Trump rally in a display of the double standard that exists when it comes to liberal fascists.

The San Jose Mercury News reports “San Jose mayor scolds Donald Trump, protesters after post-rally violence”:

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo released the following statement about the violence that occurred after the Donald Trump rally Thursday night at the convention center:

“San Jose police officers performed admirably and professionally to contain acts of violence and protect individuals’ rights to assemble, protest and express their political views. While it’s a sad statement about our political discourse that Mr. Trump has focused on stirring antagonism instead of offering real solutions to our nation’s challenges, there is absolutely no place for violence against people who are simply exercising their rights to participate in the political process.”

The mob attacks came shortly after Mrs. Clinton gave a much hyped “foreign policy” speech that could only have been more demagogic had it been delivered in German. While the establishment media has largely chosen to either pin the blame for the violence on Trump or ignore it altogether, that is not the case online and in social media. The anti-Trump forces have been exposed for what they truly are and what happened in San Jose could backfire big time.

Even the devil in chief Barack Obama sees this as a potential turning point in the nearly yearlong campaign to demonize Trump and has condemned the actions of the mob. There are however crickets from Team Clinton – at least to this point – which should be taken as a tacit endorsement of the thuggery and a sign that her gauleiter Liccardo was just doing his job.