Godwin’s Law be damned! The meme that presumptive Republican Party nominee Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler is continuing to be peddled by the left despite increasingly obvious signs of their own fascistic tendencies. With fanatics on the nation’s college campuses declaring war on free speech and the streets filled with angry mobs whose tactics mimic that of the actual Brownshirts the irony is lost on historically ignorant hamsters. The Hitler card was played early and often against Trump by the likes of John Kasich, Glenn Beck and the Washington Post Editorial Board but is now crossing over into the larger zeitgeist thanks to liberals who would be perfectly at home within the ranks of the Nazis.

The damned liberal New York Times is the latest to clamber aboard the Hitler horseshit wagon with the article “Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism”:

The comparison was inflammatory, to say the least. Former Gov. William F. Weld of Massachusetts equated Donald J. Trump’s immigration plan with Kristallnacht, the night of horror in 1938 when rampaging Nazis smashed Jewish homes and businesses in Germany and killed scores of Jews.

But if it was a provocative analogy, it was not a lonely one. Mr. Trump’s campaign has engendered impassioned debate about the nature of his appeal and warnings from critics on the left and the right about the potential rise of fascism in the United States. More strident opponents have likened Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

To supporters, such comparisons are deeply unfair smear tactics used to tar conservatives and scare voters. For a bipartisan establishment whose foundation has been shaken by Mr. Trump’s ascendance, these backers say, it is easier to delegitimize his support than to acknowledge widespread popular anger at the failure of both parties to confront the nation’s challenges.

While the NYT piece cloaks itself in an aura of serious historical analysis it is another thinly disguised bit of propaganda to sell the star-spangled sheep on the pretense that Trump is indeed the “new Hitler”. Much attention is now being paid to phony libertarian vice presidential candidate William Weld who along with fellow Republican establishment opportunist Gary Johnson will be touted as the latest Hitler Trump slayers. Weld drew media coverage after popping off by shamelessly invoking the Holocaust to bash Trump’s immigration plans and the Times piece cites him as will many others to introduce the Nazi meme. There’s not much credibility there though, the same paper just cited Bush administration figure and war criminal John Yoo – who once claimed that the president had the right to crush a child’s testicles if necessary – as some sort of legal authority in another anti-Trump hit piece that defended the shady Mexican judge in the Trump University case.

Breitbart News takes a flamethrower to the reliance of liberals on the bogus analogy in the piece “‘Trump Could Be the Next Hitler!’ Says the Increasingly Fascist Left”:

News flash for Weld and everyone inclined to take his drivel seriously: the Jews of the Thirties and Forties would have been very relieved if the worst thing they had to worry about was a restriction on immigrating to Nazi Germany.  So it’s not a “provocative analogy,” it’s an infuriatingly selfish effort to exhume everyone who died in the Holocaust, and everyone who died bringing Adolf Hitler down, so their corpses can be used as psychological barriers between Trump’s supporters and the ballot boxes.

I have another news flash for people worried about the “potential rise of fascism in the United States”: it is already here, and its name was ObamaCare. The leftist mobs assaulting Trump rallies are real fascists, not the men and women they’re beating up.

And indeed it wasn’t Trump supporters who were on the receiving end of the mob trying to crush political opposition just as the Sturmabteilung did acting on the orders of the real and one and only Hitler – it was leftist goons fired up by a media that is so shameless that even Joseph Goebbels would likely reject as unscrupulous.