Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is moving up the short list to be Queen Hillary’s running mate as the Dems look to double down on vagina politics. Warren has also served as Mrs. Clinton’s trusty hatchet woman who is regularly sent out on a scalping party to bring back the famous mane of Donald Trump. The Warren pick would be a natural in that it would serve to placate all but the most hard core supporters of Bernie Sanders, a man who has strayed too far off of the Democrat reservation to ever be welcomed back. Warren was in rare form at the Massachusetts state Democratic party convention on Saturday.

As reported by Politico “Warren pulls no punches in latest Trump attack”:

Donald Trump is an “insecure moneygrubber,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren told the assembled Democrats of Massachusetts at the state’s party convention Saturday.

He is also, according to Warren’s prepared remarks: Scary, loud, outrageous, offensive, small, a failure and fraudster-in-chief.

Those are just a handful of the bombs Warren hurled Trump’s way in her Saturday afternoon address, after which she told reporters that she doesn’t believe in the superdelegate process, and has “no timetable” for making an endorsement in the Democratic race.

During her speech, the Massachusetts senator attacked Trump on an array of issues from climate change to Wall Street to women. Warren spent significant time echoing recent attacks from Hillary Clinton against Trump University, the Republican presumptive nominee’s troubled real-estate seminar program.

“It was like a used car dealership—except that’s not fair to used car dealerships,” Warren said of Trump University. “His playbook said to look for people with problems; they make good targets.”

“These were ordinary folks who were targeted because they had problems and Trump saw they were vulnerable and he could make a buck,” she continued. “Here’s a man who builds a business to profit off other peoples’ pain. He wants to be Commander in Chief, but he’s only qualified to be Fraudster-in-Chief.”

Trump University remains a potent sales pitch for the Democrats despite the shady, La Raza sympathizing judge as well as the law firm handling the suit that reportedly paid big bucks for speeches from the Clintons. It’s all horseshit too, milking the sob stories of a handful of suckers who shelled out the dough to attend the classes but never ended up on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as they anticipated that they would.

The one big thing that those get rich quick real estate schools never bother explaining when they are collecting the tuition money is that it also takes a damned good amount of businesses acumen to be successful. The finest real estate schools in the land are useless if the student lacks drive, panache, excellent communication skills and a desire to bust their asses. If selling real estate and flipping properties was easy then practically everyone would be doing it and the economy would just be a booming. The sad truth is that there are millions who have dabbled in real estate and not made a freaking dime. Hell, I even have a real estate license and can personally attest to what a ruthless, ball buster that it is – much like Hillary herself

One has to wonder how many trinkets and baubles that it took for the Clinton crime family to buy off Warren who once was a liberal heroine for her strident criticism of the weasels on Wall Street. She won’t be barking up that particular tree any longer because Hillary isn’t about to bite the hand that feeds her.