The shocking scenes of mob violence in San Jose on Thursday are a sign of just how close to outright anarchy that we have come in this once great country but according to our disgraceful national media you would hardly know it.Patriotic Americans who had gone to hear the embattled presidential candidate Donald Trump speak were ambushed and stalked as prey by hordes of howling hooligans while the police largely stood down and allowed the attacks to go on until belatedly intervening.

It was an outrageous scene that could well have spiraled out of control and resulted in far worse than the minor injuries and intimidation that it did. The Trump supporters were bullied, taunted, spat upon and in some cases assaulted in what was the culmination of months of agitprop directed the presumptive GOP nominee depicting him as a racist and worse. It was a freaking outrage but there has largely been the sound of crickets from the establishment media. Some have even shamefully pinned the blame on Trump for inciting violence against his own supporters – it is so bizarre an accusation that George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

One instance of blaming the victim comes courtesy of Politico with the article “Violent cycle surrounds Trump campaign”:

Outside Donald Trump’s campaign rallies in recent days, protesters have gathered and, increasingly, clashed violently with Trump supporters and police. Inside, Trump is going to new rhetorical extremes in his attempts to delegitimize a Mexican-American judge. Together, they’re forming an increasingly combustible atmosphere as the campaign enters the summer and temperatures here climb into triple digits.

Trump has in the past vowed to become more “presidential” after dispatching his primary foes, and many political observers hoped tensions would decrease as Trump pivoted to appeal to broader swath of voters in the general election.

Instead, the end of the primary has seen a steady rise in tension, fueling fears that the convention in Cleveland next month will surpass the turbulence of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.

Tense standoffs involving police, protesters and Trump supporters are common sights at campaign rallies, and violence has occasionally flared up, but there has been an uptick in the scale and frequency of violence over the past two weeks during the candidate’s swing through the West. Most of the violence has been directed at police officers and Trump supporters outside rally venues, but on Friday, one local leader who condemned the violence also partly blamed Trump for it.

“While it’s a sad statement about our political discourse that Mr. Trump has focused on stirring antagonism instead of offering real solutions to our nation’s challenges, there is absolutely no place for violence against people who are simply exercising their rights to participate in the political process,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Democrat, in a statement on Friday. In another statement, Liccardo said Trump’s rhetoric is no excuse for violence and that city police would investigate and prosecute offenders.

It comes as no big surprise that Politico would build it’s piece around San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Democrat and a big supporter of Hillary Clinton who also blamed the violence on Trump. The lack of outrage expressed by the media in this fascistic attack on folks who were exercising their right to support a political candidate of their choice serves to underline a dangerous and glaring double standard in this year of our discontent.

Also notable is the continued harping on Trump’s criticism of the racial bias of Trump University lawsuit judge Gonzalo Curiel – who is not only of Mexican heritage but is also reportedly affiliated with Latino supremacist organization La Raza – that gets coverage rather than the racist thugs in the streets of San Jose. He has become the latest martyr in the ongoing media jihad against the Donald which only serves to further antagonize the mobs who now seem to have begun to enjoy the taste of blood.

The media has spent months working diligently to portray Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler and his supporters as a pack of racist thugs along the line of the Brownshirts, all by seizing on the actions of a few overzealous individuals who have gotten out of line at campaign events. However, the trend on the left has seen an alarming spike of actual organized mob violence of which the incident in San Jose was only the most recent, it is a trend that will continue up to the election.

When Black Lives Matter and activists caused the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago back in March they were hailed as if they were freedom fighters instead of the rabble that they truly were by more than one prominent media outlet. While the San Jose mob has not been lionized for their actions – not yet anyway – they haven’t been subjected to the same degree of media outrage as the “sucker punch” heard around the world was.

Hillary Clinton whose demagogic “foreign policy” speech on Thursday continued to pour gasoline on the fire did half-heartedly denounce the violence with the caveat that – you guessed it – Trump was responsible.