He’s done it again! Donald Trump has set off yet another media firestorm in race and religion obsessed Obamastan with comments that Muslim judges could be biased against him. It’s getting to be pretty fucking pathetic when free speech and opinions elicit such outrage from thin-skinned liberals and the namby pampy cultural elitists in the establishment media. The media, which had been weeping and gnashing teeth for a solid week now over Trump’s comments about the objectivity of shady, La Raza sympathizing Mexican judge Gonzalo Curiel howled in renewed outrage over the bizarre idea that jurists may be influenced by their racial and religious identities.

The New York Daily News shrieks “Donald Trump amplifies racist attacks on Hispanic judge overseeing Trump University lawsuits, starts smearing Muslim justices too”:

Donald Trump has become obsessed with the Mexican heritage of the judge overseeing two Trump University lawsuits — and refuses to recognize his attacks on racism.

The Donald doubled down against U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel on Sunday, saying the Hispanic justice has “got bias” against him.

The presumptive GOP nominee even expanded his bigotry to other ethnicities — claiming he wouldn’t get a fair trial from Muslim justices, either.

Asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” if a Muslim judge would treat Trump unfairly — since he has vowed to ban Muslims from entering America — the monster mogul said: “It’s possible, yes. That would be possible, absolutely.”

Trump’s latest legal tirade came just days after he gave a terrifyingly tone-deaf interview to CNN about the Trump University cases.

Speaking with Jake Tapper on Friday, Trump zeroed in on the “Mexican heritage” of Curiel — a man who was born in Indiana and appointed by Republican leaders.

But Trump insisted, even after being asked more than 20 times, that there’s nothing racist about his racism.

“This judge is of Mexican heritage,” Trump said in the interview.

“I’m building a wall, okay? I’m building a wall…He’s a member of a society where, you know, very pro-Mexico. And that’s fine. But I think he should recuse himself.”

It’s more liberal hypocrisy and media horseshit. How many times is the impartiality of white judges and law enforcement officers called into question when the defendant happens to be black? The Daily News happens to be the employer of unrepentant race-baiter Shaun King so it’s clear to see the anti-Trump bias. The Trump University witch hunt continues to be the Democrats’ weapon of choice, it resonates with the American schmucks weaned on Judge Judy and other Court TV spectacles and for good measure there is the reported connection between the law firm representing the whiny losers suing Trump and the Clinton crime family.

Trump may be the all but certain Republican nominee but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that he has forfeited his right to free speech as well as to his own opinions. That big jackboot of forced diversity continues to stomp all over him as well as anyone else who dares to blaspheme the liberal religion of political correctness.