Bipartisan Beltway rock star Paul Ryan must have been badly rattled after a Washington Post Editorial Board slam over his belated endorsement of Donald Trump. On Friday, the boy wonder reversed his course and planted a dagger in Trump’s back. The establishment outrage of the week is Trump’s comments that the judge in the politically motivated Trump University witch hunt could be biased due to his Mexican heritage and the attacks on the presumptive GOP nominee have been furious. Judge Gonzalo Curiel is John McCain without the war hero status and Megyn Kelly without the phantom vaginal blood flow and is just the latest martyr figure in the yearlong war on Trump.

CNN reported that “Ryan, Clinton slam Trump over racial criticism of judge”:

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton on Friday condemned Donald Trump’s racially tinged attacks on a judge overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University.

The comments come as Trump has escalated his attacks against U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who last week ordered parts of internal documents, including “playbooks” regarding running the enterprise, to be released as part of a lawsuit against Trump University. The documents were released in response to a request by The Washington Post.

Ryan’s criticism — coming one day after he endorsed his party’s presumptive presidential nominee — came unprompted during an interview on a Wisconsin radio station.

“Look, the comment about the judge, just was out of left field for my mind,” Ryan said on WISN in Milwaukee. “It’s reasoning I don’t relate to, I completely disagree with the thinking behind that.”

And then Ryan issued a warning to Trump that he will speak out when he feels he needs to.

“So he clearly says and does things I don’t agree with and I’ve had to speak up on time to time when that has occurred and I’ll continue to do that if that’s necessary — I hope it’s not,” Ryan said.

With what is clearly orchestrated sustained outrage against Trump over his opinion on Judge Curiel – and he is entitled to an opinion – it almost seems as though the Trump University case is a bipartisan effort to undermine his chances at the presidency. Recall that it was first whipped out as a cudgel during the Republican party debates and it has been reported that the law firm involved has paid big bucks to the Clintons. But to even suggest such a thing would be a conspiracy theory wouldn’t it?

As for Ryan, once a rat, always a rat.