With the media officially crowning Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee the day before the California primary she is calling for Bernie to surrender. The Monday announcement that Mrs. Clinton had hit the magic number in delegates essentially rendered the primary moot and elicited cries of foul from the Sanders campaign. It is another example of how the primary process is rigged and rotten. With the primary but a formality the calls mount for feisty old Bernie to give up the ghost.

As reported by the Guardian “Clinton to Sanders: I dropped out for Obama – it was ‘the right thing to do'”:

Hillary Clinton made clear she expects her rival Bernie Sanders to withdraw from the race for the Democratic nomination for president in the aftermath of primaries in California and five other states on Tuesday.

In her most explicit indication to date that she is on the cusp of claiming the mantle as her party’s presidential nominee, and expects the Vermont senator to clear the way, Clinton drew a direct comparison with her decision to concede victory against Barack Obama In 2008.

“Tomorrow is eight years to the day after I withdrew and endorsed then-senator Obama,” she said. “I believed it was the right thing to do. No matter what differences we had in our long campaign, they paled in comparison to the differences we had with the Republicans.”

She added the imperative to take the fight to the Republicans was “even more true today” because of the specter of the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump in the White House.

Clinton said she hoped Sanders would help “unify” the party after Tuesday’s primaries. “Because we’ve got to be unified going into the convention and going out of the convention to take on Donald Trump and to repudiate that kind of campaign he is running and to make it clear that’s not the kind of president or commander in chief we want,” she said.

The timing of the announcement shows just how much that the media is in the bag for Clinton, which is something that conservatives have known for quite some time. It could serve to play into the amazing series of revelations that the entire process is a scam though and the sooner that Americans get that through their heads the sooner that we can get about the business of fixing the country.

Bernie hasn’t come this far for nothing. He should politely tell Mrs. Clinton to shove it up her ass and start preparing his followers for a march on Philadelphia.