With the media and demagogues the likes of Hillary Clinton engaging in inflammatory attacks on Donald Trump, the political debate on the actual issues has been elbowed aside by an aura of menace. Trump supporters now have to worry about being targeted because their views don’t jibe with the establishment. In this climate there will be an increase in crimes against property as well as actual violence if the liberal fascists get their way.

With the dangerous escalation in the streets of San Jose last week, it would seem to some that the vandalism of campaign signs would be minor. However, as long as we still theoretically live in a “free” country the signs are a legitimate expression of political speech and once that ceases to be respected then we are headed to a very dark place. Trump campaign signs bearing the message of “Make America Great Again” are being vandalized nationally and given the media’s incessant smearing of Trump as a racist and the new Hitler, some may even be intimidated into not being able to freely exercise their right to political expression.

The answer to this plague of intolerance is to not cave in to those seeking to trample upon the rights of others and defiance is the way to go – it’s an American tradition. That is exactly the approach that a Trump supporter in Washington state is responding to having his campaign signs destroyed. Whatcom County patriot Clay Owen is vowing to replace his trashed signs with ones that are ten feet taller, a nod to the candidate’s promise of a wall along the Mexican border to keep the illegal aliens out.

According to Seattle’s KOMO News “Vandals destroy Donald Trump signs in Whatcom County”:

Supporters of presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, say several signs have been damaged, including one that was set on fire Friday night.

Vandals have thrown paint on signs, torn them apart and now set one on fire near Mount Baker Highway and Britton Road, according to Mark Nelson, a Trump supporter in Whatcom County.

“To vandalize a sign is to disrespect the person who put it up, not the person running for office,” said Clay Owen, a Whatcom County resident who builds frames for Trump signs.

Nelson said he filed a report with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Bill Elfo with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t immediately confirm the vandalism but said it’s not uncommon during election season. Elfo said some of his own signs were vandalized last election season.

Owen said he’ll replace each sign that was vandalized and plans to raise them 10 feet higher to deter vandals.


You are never going to win a fight in which you simply surrender and a fight is what it is going to take to counter the wave of tacitly sanctioned leftist malevolence that is coming.

I would venture to go Mr. Owen one further. Make the new signs ten feet higher and top them off with a giant, red, white and blue neon-flashing middle finger.

Originally published at The Federalist Papers Project.