Donald Trump’s dastardly slander of the new American idol – Judge Gonzalo Curiel – has set off a cuckservative rebellion. All of that hogwash about party unity and supporting Trump has been exposed as exactly that with big name Republicans acting like a pack of mangy rats abandoning ship. By late Tuesday afternoon the presumptive GOP nominee had at least a dozen daggers planted in his back by honchos in his own party including two who are on his short list for vice presidential candidates. Gang of Eight collaborator Bob Corker – the establishment’s choice to be Trump’s minder if he makes it to the White House – called the Donald wrong “at every level” and atrophied former Speaker and pompous television lard-ass Newt Gingrich who condemned the “inexcusable” remarks. Trump needs his head examined if he doesn’t immediately deep six both of them as potential running mates.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who is hustling his new book really tore into Trump and his fellow House Republican leader Paul Ryan denounced the presumptive nominee’s criticism of Curiel as he was pushing his manifesto “A Better Way” (that conveniently omits immigration and global trade) as “textbook” racism given his clout with the media and armies of parasitic Beltway lobbyists it’s Ryan’s scolding that will get the most play. There was Palmetto State princess Lindsey Graham calling for Republicans to un-endorse Trump for his “un-American” comments, Lil’ Marco Rubio saying that would refuse to speak for Trump at the convention (was he asked), AIPAC bootlicker Mark Kirk reneged on his promise to support Trump and even Jeb! slithered out of his spider hole of denial long enough to take a potshot by demanding that Trump retract his comments about the La Raza judge.

All of this unrest may portend big trouble for Trump in Cleveland next month because what if despite the establishment has been playing possum since the Indiana primary? It is entirely possible that the scheming to deny Trump the nomination at the convention has just gone underground. A Ted Cruz surrogate’s call for a rebellion at the Quicken Loans Arena should set off alarm bells within the Trump organization.

As reported by The Hill “Cruz ally calls for delegate revolt”:

A former state chairman for Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential campaign is calling for an “insurrection” at the Republican National Convention this summer to keep Donald Trump from being nominated.

“There’s a moral obligation for the delegates in that convention to nominate the best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton. It’s clearly not Donald Trump,” Steve Lonegan, Cruz’s New Jersey state chairman, said on CNN’s “At This Hour.”

“These delegates have an obligation on day one — I don’t care about being bound on the first ballot. Break the rules, unbind yourself. This guy’s gonna lose, he’s going to take the Republican Party down to cataclysmic defeat,” he added.

Lonegan is a spokesman for the Courageous Conservatives PAC.

Lonegan said ever since Cruz dropped out in early May, “I’ve woken up every morning looking for reasons to support Donald Trump, and it’s going in the other direction.”

Republicans leaders have broadly started to coalesce around Trump since his last GOP rivals dropped out of the race, though the businessman has sparked condemnation for racially charged remarks in recent days going after the Mexican heritage of a federal judge overseeing lawsuits against Trump University.

Just think about it. How better to build momentum for an anti-Trump insurrection than to parrot Hillary Clinton’s talking points and to go all in on the politically motivated witch hunt of the Trump University legal circus. Judge Curiel is like a gift from the heavens to those looking for an excuse to bolt from Trump and considering the history of McConnell, Ryan and the others when it comes to cutting deals with Obama who’s to say that they haven’t brokered a power-sharing agreement with Hillary. Greasing the delegates would be simple and if the Trump supporters rebel then guess who can call out the Ohio National Guard to put down the troublemakers? None other than Governor John Kasich.

It would be one way to explain the Republican establishment piling onto Trump which only serves to weaken their own candidate instead of defending him against the scurrilous accusations from the Clinton surrogates in the media. The sheer ferociousness of this latest swarm attack on Trump has a whiff that something is very rotten in Denmark and that a trap may be about to be sprung.