With this upcoming election being perhaps the most critical one in American history it would seem that voters should be able to know exactly where each candidate stands on important issues such as globalism and the unfair trade deals that are killing the middle class. Alas, this is not the case with the Obama regime which is withholding critical information on Hillary Clinton’s communications regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Donald Trump wants to make the sellout trade pacts a key component of his case to be POTUS but the increasingly demagogic Hillary and her corrupt media minions want to keep the topic squarely upon Trump University and Latino activist judge Gonzalo Curiel.  Now the bullshit salesman who once touted himself as Mr. Transparency will have his administration keep the emails secret until after the November election.

Naturally the news infuriated Trump as reported by Investor’s Business Daily “Donald Trump Campaign Demands State Department Release Hillary Clinton’s Trade-Related Emails”:

Donald Trump’s campaign Monday demanded that the U.S. State Department release Hillary Clinton-era government emails about a pending 12-nation trade deal that Trump says will destroy American jobs and hurt the American economy.

The statement from Trump’s campaign was in response to the State Department delaying the completion of an open-records request by International Business Times until after the 2016 presidential election. That request — which was filed in July 2015 — asked for all correspondence between Clinton’s State Department office and the United States Trade Representative during her tenure (2009 to 2013) that referenced the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The State Department initially estimated that it would complete the request in April of this year, but the department just announced it was pushing that completion date back to the end of November.

“Hillary Clinton’s TPP emails should absolutely be released, as her support for TPP threatens to permanently undermine U.S. workers and sovereignty,” Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to the GOP’s presumptive nominee, said in a statement to IBT. “Hillary is 100 percent controlled by corporate interests, including foreign corporate interests, and it is essential these emails see the light of day.”

Clinton’s campaign did not respond to an IBT request for comment. As secretary of state, she repeatedly promoted the TPP, but as a presidential candidate she has said she opposes the deal and that she did not work on it. IBT previously uncovered State Department cables showing that Clinton’s State Department conducted some TPP-related diplomatic deliberations. The July 2015 open-records request for the State Department correspondence sought to shed more light on her office’s involvement in the deal, which is vehemently opposed by unions, environmental groups and consumer organizations.

Obama has Hillary’s back, this is why the possibility of an indictment over her server and email issues is probably just a fantasy at best. Barry is also reportedly ready to bestow his formal endorsement upon his former Secretary of State after the media bypassed Tuesday’s primaries and crowned her as the Democratic party’s nominee in waiting on Monday. It’s a serious raw deal for America and the TPP along with it’s bipartisan support in the corrupt Congress will most certainly be jammed right up the asses of the public in the lame duck session – sans lube of course.

But there will be no discussion of this allowed, the most important thing of all this election season is to make sure that it has been established that Trump is a racist and the star-spangled sheep are gobbling down the bullshit served up to them and begging for seconds while their economic futures are slowly extinguished by the bipartisan crime syndicate in D.C.