The piranha in the Armani pantsuit has won the California primary. Hillary Rodham-Clinton and her media surrogates, criminal flash mobs and Republican collaborators now has clear sailing all the way to the inauguration. While it will never be known as to how many voters stayed home after the media announced that she had won the Dem nomination the night before the big primary it was most certainly a thumb on the scale in her favor. The pugnacious Bernie Sanders isn’t taking the news well and at this point is vowing to fight on but what’s the point? The decision was made eight years ago that this was going to be the outcome.

CNN reports on Clinton’s yuuge triumph in the story “Hillary Clinton celebrates victory, wins California”:

Hillary Clinton claimed her place in history Tuesday as America’s first female presumptive presidential nominee but rival Bernie Sanders is refusing to drop his bid despite overwhelming odds.

The former secretary of state immediately pivoted from her victory to a full bore assault on the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and made a sweeping effort to reach out to Sanders supporters in an attempt to unify Democrats.

But hours after Clinton’s euphoric victory rally in Brooklyn, Sanders spoke before a roaring crowd of his own in California to declare “the struggle continues.” The Vermont senator pledged to stay in the race through next week’s primary in Washington, D.C., and to fight on for social, economic, racial and environmental justice at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

But he did not specifically commit to pursuing his fight for the nomination at the convention, leaving his ultimate intentions unclear.

The California results have to be a bitter pill for Sanders to swallow and despite his announcing of his intent to continue to battle the DNC rigged process there are reports that he will be dumping staff as soon as Wednesday. Whether any fight remains in the old crank remains to be seen, he has already made it farther than anyone could have imagined and has been a constant burr under Hillary’s saddle. He should just do the right thing and run as an independent in order to save the country from the Clinton restoration.

Mrs. Clinton’s scorched earth March to Washington will be aided by many Republicans who have worked to sabotage their own candidate using the Judge Gonzalo Curiel kerfuffle as justification for their sniping at Trump. The La Raza judge has been so valuable to Hillary that she may just reward him with a spot on the Supreme Court – maybe even Antonin Scalia’s old seat.