If you think that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the greatest disaster in modern American history you are wrong. Just imagine a Hillary Clinton presidency with a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress yet that is what Republicans are currently working to make happen. The national freak out over Donald Trump’s questioning of Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s impartiality in the Trump University legal circus has triggered a Republican mutiny and the rats are rapidly jumping ship. The latest defections from the ranks of party unity include media favorite Maine Senator Susan Collins and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who just may be considering a late entry into the election fray at what once again may be a brokered convention.

Politico reports on the knee-jerk submissions to media pressure in the article “Trump support shrinking on Capitol Hill”:

As Donald Trump’s attacks on a federal judge settled over Capitol Hill like a dark cloud on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions dialed up Trump’s campaign to relay mounting alarm among elected Republicans about the presumptive nominee’s assaults on a jurist because of his Mexican roots.

Trump tried to calm the waters a few hours later, issuing a statement that blamed the media and delivering a speech that skirted the issue altogether. But the non-apology walkback failed to placate many elected Republicans, who said in interviews Wednesday that the GOP standard-bearer has a ways to go to show the restraint and discipline it will take to win the presidency and keep Republicans from a down-ballot disaster in November.

The anti-Trump movement is now growing rather than shrinking: At least eight GOP senators either won’t vote for Trump or have declined to back him publicly. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Bill Flores of Texas, who chairs the conservative Republican Study Committee, both said Wednesday they weren’t ready to get on board, either.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H) wanted a retraction from Trump, and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) was looking for an apology. Instead, Trump continued to question whether District Judge Gonzalo Curiel could give him a fair hearing in a Trump University fraud lawsuit, then declared the matter settled and that he wouldn’t discuss it anymore.

Granted that there are many agendas in play that have created so much animosity towards Trump. Lots of people would lose their cushy jobs and positions of influence if an outsider manages to gain control of the party. A Hillary Clinton presidency would largely leave the machinery intact and the rackets uninterrupted. It would hardly be surprising if Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have already reached out to the Clinton campaign to cut a deal considering their preference for saving their own asses over honoring the will of the people.