Having struck the motherlode with the two-weeks running Judge Gonzalo Curiel fake racism smear campaign the media and liberals are going to the well once again with a reliable bogeyman. David Duke – who just happens to spout off at such convenient times that one wonders whether he may be colluding with the Clinton campaign – is being used to bash Trump again over statements made blaming the Jews for media criticism of the presumptive GOP nominee. Republicans are in a state of disarray and full retreat right now and forming up a circular firing squad to blast their own nominee into electoral oblivion. That’s just over a shady Latino activist judge – if the dreaded anti-Semite card gets played then the shit is really going to hit the fan.

Politico is out in front of the lynch mob with the story “David Duke defends Trump, blames Jews for judge criticism”:

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke defended Donald Trump on his radio show earlier this week from criticism of his comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, blaming “the Jews” in the media for propagating a long-running negative agenda against the presumptive Republican nominee.

The white supremacist radio host dropped the names of Fox News’ Chris Wallace, along with Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer on CNN, who Duke said he had “exposed … as a Jewish agent.” Jeff Zucker, the current president of CNN Worldwide, is “another Jewish extremist,” he remarked.

“And more recently, Fox News, the shabbat goy shiksa Megyn Kelly, ’cause they love to have some gentiles doing it,” Duke continued, according to audio of the segment Tuesday. “They don’t want Jews always out front.”

Trump denounced Duke months ago after appearing to be reluctant to do so. The candidate has made clear that Curiel, who is hearing a civil case against Trump University, has been engaged in “absolutely partisan activities,” Duke remarked.

“He has been an activist in La Raza Lawyers Association. La Raza,” Duke said, repeating the first two words of the group, which is not associated with the National Council of La Raza. “And he specifically has funded and supported giving money to illegal immigrants, even scholarships and so forth.”

Duke pointed out that Curiel is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, musing, “You couldn’t even imagine any candidate being a member of the European American National Bar Association. In fact, there isn’t one. That wouldn’t even be allowed.”

The way the mainstream media have gone after Trump, Duke opined, is “very illustrative of the Jewish tribal nature.”

Duke said Jews act “like a pack of wild dogs” when they go after someone they see as a threat to the Jewish agenda; neocons see Trump as a threat because he is a “non-interventionist”; and Trump’s national security advisers are “almost all non-Jews.”

Duke’s comments are most certainly inflammatory just as they often are and the Democrats and their media operatives have had great success in chaining Trump and the white nationalist former Louisiana gubernatorial candidate at the hip. With the Never Trumpers back from the brink of oblivion thanks to the chaos wrought by Judge Curiel derangement syndrome if the David Duke story gets legs in time for the weekend news cycle then they just may be able to entice someone to run as a third party against Trump – if not just change the convention rules altogether as Hugh Hewitt has suggested.

The biggest problem here is that once again free speech and political expression are under assault by the totally insane liberal fascists and their Khmer Rouge drive for a great societal cleansing of those who they do not agree with. Granted that Mr. Duke’s comments are often provocative and offensive to many but this is still theoretically a free country and he does have the right to say whatever the hell he pleases whether the forced diversity mob approves of it or not. There is not a damned thing in the Constitution that grants thin-skinned bullies the right to not be offended but there is a right to freedom of speech.