In an alarming development it looks as though the idea to steal the nomination from Donald Trump at next month’s Republican national convention is back on the table.
All of the warm and fuzzy calls for party unity have been cast aside as the roiling cauldron of controversy over Judge Gonzalo Curiel has spilled over. The GOP establishment now appears to be on the brink of a full blown mutiny against Trump. It comes at the worst possible time and has the potential for devastating ramifications come November.

On Wednesday, nationally syndicated conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt openly called for a rules change at the RNC convention in order to sink Trump who he compared to a “stage IV cancer” that had to be attacked. Hewitt’s call to arms has added fuel to the fire as every day brings more denunciations of Trump at a burn rate that could lead to Republican hopes at retaking the White House going up in smoke.

According to Politico “Hugh Hewitt: GOP should change convention rules to stop Trump”:

Either the Republican National Committee must change its convention rules or the presumptive Republican nominee needs to change his personality, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt remarked on his program Wednesday morning.

“They ought to get together and let the convention decide. And if Donald Trump pulls over a makeover in the next four to five weeks, great, they can keep him. It would be better if he had done so 5 weeks ago. But it’s awful and it ended bad last night,” he said, in reference to Trump’s speech from his swanky Westchester County golf club in which he read from a teleprompter and promised to turn the page and earn the votes of Republican voters who opposed him in the primary.

Accepting of Trump as the nominee against Hillary Clinton at this point, Hewitt said, is “like ignoring Stage IV cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it.”

The host wasn’t the first to call for a rules change in Cleveland, it had already been proposed by a Ted Cruz surrogate who said that there was a “moral obligation” to stop Trump by rigging the system against him. Now that Queen Hillary appears to have finally beaten back Bernie and his Bolsheviks, she is able to engage in daily anti-Trump demagoguery and is partnering with a willing media in order to impose the Clinton restoration on America. Any type of GOP elite plot to sabotage their own presumptive nominee at the convention isn’t only ill-advised but would be suicidal.

Worse yet is that Hewitt has thrown a bucket of bloody red meat to the Never Trump zombies who appeared to be dead and buried only two short weeks ago. There is a big pow wow at Mitt Romney’s place this weekend and both Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse are reportedly going to be speaking to the newly reinvigorated fifth columnists. It’s a classic circular firing squad and pays no mind to the potential for what would be a catastrophe once voters go to the polls.

Not only would Hillary be able to pick at least three Supreme Court Justices (Gonzalo Curiel anyone?) but if the establishment does screw Trump then turnout is going to seriously affected in an adverse manner. For those who think that a President Hillary Clinton is a doomsday scenario it could be even worse. The blowback from any convention chicanery could potentially result in the GOP losing Congress as well which would allow for Hillary to steamroll her radical agenda through a Democrat controlled legislative body.

It sure didn’t take long for party unity to turn into a kamikaze mission.