The weeping and gnashing of teeth of an establishment staggered by the will of the voters is reaching a fever pitch as more Republicans desert their own presumptive nominee. With calls for rigging the rules at next month’s convention growing after nationally syndicated mouthpiece Hugh Hewitt called for a toppling for Trump in Cleveland more are suggesting the party commit mass suicide at Quicken Loans Arena. While sore loser Mitt Romney gathered the A list of Never Trumpers at his Utah conclave over the weekend others are calling for a full scale abandonment of Trump out of mortal terror that he will lose big to Crooked Hillary in November.

According to the opinions of the gaggle of insider party hacks who comprise the Politico Caucus in an epic column of whining that is only missing cheese entitled  “4-in-10 GOP insiders want to derail Trump at the convention” from which I excerpt:

But with just six weeks to go until the GOP convention, more than a third want to see the party throw out those rules, unbind the delegates and allow them to choose a different candidate. For many of them, it isn’t as much about winning this year’s election: Trump as the nominee, they believe, represents an existential threat to the party.

“Trump’s continued descent into madness is dragging the GOP down with him,” said a Florida Republican, who like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously. “A convention switchup would be great politics and save the GOP.”

“If the GOP wants to survive, it must find some way to open the rules for abstention, or some other unbinding process so that delegates can save the party from the historic defeat it faces under the banner of Donald Trump,” an Iowa Republican added. “One average teleprompter speech, given this past Tuesday, isn’t going to suddenly change Donald Trump into an aspirational, magnanimous leader. He is what he is: a bully through and through, one that takes the low road at every opportunity. Someone who doesn’t understand or care about policy. And lest we forget, a racist.”

A number of GOP insiders pointed to Trump’s drag on Republicans down the ballot as evidence of the necessity of replacing him with another candidate. Republicans have a four-seat majority in the Senate that would be in jeopardy if the party loses the White House, and the party is looking to maintain most of its larger, more durable majority in the House.

“As a national delegate to the GOP convention I will work to push through any rule necessary to deny Trump the nomination,” a Colorado Republican said. “If he is our nominee, I believe the party will lose races all the way down the ticket. The only way to save the GOP is to have this fight at the convention.”

“Trump will not only lose but will cost us the Senate, maybe the House, and who knows how much in the states,” added New Hampshire Republican said. “We shouldn’t enter a suicide pact with him.”

“It is the only shot we have at saving Senator [Kelly] Ayotte and the Republican Party,” another New Hampshire Republican said.

Of course Politico really doesn’t bother to mention that the influence of privileged these insiders is exactly why Americans have so resoundingly rejected the status quo in order to back Trump, an outsider who is threatening to kick down the door to their whole crony infested shithouse. Many of them have their cushy jobs and financial livelihoods on the line if Trump manages to survive the media minefield, repeated fragging from his own forces and traitorous saboteurs like the Never Trumpers to even get to November 8th.

Especially amusing in the Politico story is the Granite State insider who is quoted as a coup “It is the only shot we have at saving Senator [Kelly] Ayotte and the Republican Party”, a ludicrous claim. Senator Ayotte mind you is the whishy washy cohort of Gang of Eighters John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the same woman who blew her stack when having to work overtime two years ago during the budget battle forced her and her young daughter to miss the Nutcracker. An entitled whiner the likes of Ayotte is hardly worth saving to anyone without an agenda or their personal survival on the line.

The mutiny will continue even if the morons who are pushing for it fail to realize that if they dirty dick Trump and his millions of supporters that they will be annihilated at the polls across the nation whether or not whining entitled Kelly Ayotte can be saved or not.