A tragic mass casualty shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub will be immediately pounced on by Hillary Clinton and other Dems who will exploit the dead for political gain. While details are still sketchy, a gunman opened fire on the crowd at the popular Pulse LGBT dance club. Authorities are reporting that at least 20 people including the shooter are dead and dozens more have been wounded.

According to the Associated Press “Police: Mass casualties after club shooting; shooter is dead”:

A gunman opened fire at a crowded, well-known central Florida nightclub, and multiple people have been wounded, police said Sunday.

The shooter inside the club is dead, Orlando Police said on the department’s official Twitter page. It was not immediately clear how the shooter died, or how many people were wounded in the shooting. Police described it as a “mass casualty situation.”

Police reported “multiple injuries” following the shooting at Pulse Orlando, a popular gay dance club. People were told to stay away from the area.

Dozens of police vehicles, including a SWAT team, swarmed the area around the club. At least two police pickup trucks were seen taking what appeared to be shooting victims to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Police said via Twitter that a noise heard near the shooting site was a “controlled explosion.” No other details were provided.

It is an election year bonanza that will be wielded like a cudgel by Second Amendment foes and if the club patrons were targeted for their sexual orientation that will be even better. Look for the media to find some way to blame is all on Donald Trump despite the fact that he has not disparaged LGBT people in any way, shape or form. The bodies won’t even be cold before Hillary takes to the air with yet another explosion of lie filled demagoguery that will foment even more animosity toward Trump supporters.

The slaughter will pretty much eliminate any real issues from the political discourse for the foreseeable future as Democrats do not have a losing scenario here. If the shooter was a Muslim extremist – as some reports have claimed – then Trump will be blamed for antagonizing them with his suggestion that some Muslims be banned from U.S. entry for security reasons. If the killings were due to sexual orientation then ALL conservatives will be blamed because they are fighting to keep transvestites and perverts out of women’s bathrooms. No matter what the facts are though it will be a rallying cry for the gun-grabbers and Hillary will be their champion.

It was the second consecutive night that the Florida tourist Mecca has been hit by violence. On Friday Christina Grimmie of the popular television show “The Voice” was murdered there.

Details will be forthcoming as law enforcement identifies the shooter and determines a motive for the carnage.