Miserably failed former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a go to guy for the mercenary media when it comes to a constant stream of anti-Trump quotes. The invertebrate bitterman has been in the news a good deal as of late due to his big Utah shindig for Never Trumpers, a lollapalooza of sore losers crying over spilled milk. Romney himself shrilly warned of “trickle down racism” (now there’s a Frank Luntz slogan) if Trump won the election. But at some point the combative billionaire was going to punch back and that he did and did so with a vigor.

The Hill reports that “Trump fires at Romney: ‘He doesn’t know what a misogynist is’”:

Donald Trump shot back at Mitt Romney on Saturday after the 2012 presidential candidate intensified his attacks on this year’s presumptive nominee this weekend.

During a rally in Pittsburgh, Pa., Trump mocked Romney for his 2012 election loss to President Obama and vowed that his campaign would succeed where Romney’s failed.

“The guy was on yesterday, CNN. And I said to myself, ‘It’s absolutely pathetic.’ He lost. He choked — like a dog, he choked. And now it’s time for somebody else. We’re gonna win, folks. I don’t choke.”

On Friday night, Romney blasted Trump for promoting “trickle-down” racism, misogyny and bigotry. The real estate mogul mocked him for the attacks.

“’He’s a trickle-down racist and a misogynist,’” Trump said, paraphrasing Romney. “Now I know why he lost — you talk about communication.”.

“He doesn’t know what a misogynist is,” he added.

Mitt might as well just pimp himself out to the Hillary Clinton campaign for all of the damage the continues to do to party unity. He is even encouraging the R.A.T.s (Republicans Against Trump) to vote for establishment Republican libertarian Gary Johnson in his latest effort to sabotage the party’s chances in November. Mitt’s unraveling has been so unbecoming that it has even begun to draw some pushing back from within the party itself with RNC boss Reince Priebus admonishing the pathetic former governor of Massachusetts.

Romney’s hypocrisy is as glaring as his political incompetence, if Trump was so terrible and such a racist then why is it that Mitt practically blew him for his endorsement back in 2012? That is a question that the media always fails to ask when they are putting together their anti-Trump pieces that center around the guy who could have been a contender but crapped his magic underwear against an unpopular president who was ripe for the taking four years ago