The moron mother whose lack of parental supervision resulted in the murder of Harambe the gorilla last month has some serious completion in the worst parent of the year category. While the failure to keep her brat out of the gorilla area at the Cincinnati zoo received much media attention and generated a national outcry, at least the kid didn’t die due to mama’s irresponsibility. Such is not the case with a pair of smack-head dirt bags from Provo, Utah who were charged after an investigation into their one-year-old daughter Penny’s death from a heroin overdose.

The New York Daily News reports “Utah parents charged in connection with 1-year-old daughter’s heroin overdose death”:

A Utah couple has been arrested months after their 1-year-old girl, Penny, died of a heroin overdose inside their friend’s home in Provo, Utah.

Casey Cormani, 31, and Cassandra Leydsman, 32, were cuffed and charged Tuesday with child endangerment that led to the drug-related death of their daughter in December, 2015.

The pair was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a local Fox affiliate reported.

The Provo police department “conducted interviews of witnesses, interrogations of suspects, and gathered physical evidence, and toxicology reports sufficient to establish probable cause that the parents were responsible for the death of the child,” according to a release on their Facebook page.

Cormani and Leydsman found Penny unresponsive and with blue lips in her crib on Dec. 2, 2015 after she was fed and put down for a nap, according to police.

Leydsman attempted CPR and called paramedics, but they could not save the little girl.

An autopsy later found a lethal amount of heroin and codeine in Penny’s body.

The couple had been staying at the home of their friends, David and Sina Belgard, in Provo, Utah, who consented to a search of their house after Penny died.

When cops searched the home, they found burnt foil, straws with burnt ends and residue both “inside of the room that Cassandra and Casey stayed in both on the ground and among Cassandra’s personal belongings,” according to a warrant.

While the larger societal question would be how to best discourage mutants like these two from breeding in the first place it is another tale of drugs, dumbasses and death that was entirely preventable. Why the hell do you take your kid when going to get high? Authorities should lock these freaks up and throw away the key.