Like a really bad outbreak of scabies Mitt Romney just won’t go away. The failed former presidential candidate who nearly singlehandedly gave four more years to Barack Obama held his big shindig for whining Never Trumpers over the weekend but still persists in his attempts to sink the presumptive GOP nominee. Romney never has the balls do anything himself, he could have just run for president along with the other seventeen candidates although he probably couldn’t have dealt with indignity of never getting out of the kid’s table debates. Now a wealthy Romneyite has set up a Super PAC to spring for third party ballot access in the event that the R.A.T.’s (Republicans Against Trump) can find a candidate to run as a spoiler.

The Hill is reporting “Romney ally working on ballot access for potential independent candidate”:

A Mitt Romney ally has launched a group that will work to ensure that a potential independent candidate for president can make it on the ballot in all 50 states should that person emerge to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Conservative donor John Kingston will act as chairman of Better for America, which says it will have the framework in place for the late entrance of an independent candidate into the general election.

The group claims there is still time for a viable independent candidate to emerge and meet the cumbersome ballot access requirements that are a hurdle for any third-party candidate.

Many conservatives who oppose Trump hope that Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, would enter the race as an independent, but Romney has repeatedly said he would not. At the same time, he continues to attack Trump.

In addition to Kingston, Better for America counts Anne MacDonald, the former chief of staff for first lady Laura Bush, as an adviser.

“We have built a dedicated, experienced team with expertise in legal, political, grassroots, digital, communications, and other fields that we’ll need to get this job done,” MacDonald said in a statement. “We are full-speed ahead on getting ballot access readied for a candidate worthy of this great country.”

Polls show the public is deeply dissatisfied with the two presumptive major party nominees, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, will be on the ballot in all 50 states, but groups interested in an alternative to Trump and Clinton have so far shunned him.

Still, attempts by small factions of “Never Trump” conservatives to recruit an independent alternative have so far fizzled.

The last potential candidate, National Review writer David French, who was recruited by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, announced last week he’d pass on a bid because he didn’t see a path to the White House.

Deadlines to make the ballot in Texas, South Dakota and North Carolina have already passed. Deadlines in Illinois, Indiana and New Mexico come at the end of the month and require between 15,000 and 25,000 signatures.

Better for America claims it can legally challenge those deadlines and obtain extensions.

Kingston is a high-roller who has been described as a Romney bundler and the Super PAC’s name “Better for America” would be more honest were it named “Hillary is Better for America” because that is exactly what this abortion is going to result in turning into a reality. The as yet unnamed third party candidate is the key and they had better manage to find someone with a marquee name – perhaps Marco Rubio now that he is back in the game again or considering the involvement of a Bush family lackey with the effort, maybe even Jeb! himself will step into the ring. The third party crusade is an admission that establishment Republican opportunist Gary Johnson who has repackaged himself as a libertarian isn’t going to be enough of a difference maker to deny the presidency to Trump.

Romney is like a reverse version of King Midas, everything that he touches turns to shit and if his rich buddy’s efforts are successful then Mitt would have been responsible for not only putting two consecutive Democrats into the White House but also with losing the Supreme Court for at least a generation – it is an acceptable price to feed Mitt’s ego though.

Mitt has gone from a sore loser to a mockery to a suicide bomber who is holding all of America hostage and is going to pull the ripcord on his explosive vest. He is ready to destroy the country to deny the voters their will and keep Trump away from the White House.