The already suspect story of Russian hackers cracking the DNC for the cache of opposition research on Donald Trump took another twist when the information ended up on Gawker this afternoon. The cheesy celebrity website that was body-slammed by wrestler Hulk Hogan over the publication of sex videos is a natural place for all of the negative data to end up. It was after all billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel who had reportedly underwritten Hogan’s legal defense against the panty-sniffing website.

The mainstream media which is in the bag for Hillary will have a field day with all of the garbage and will spend the next week airing whatever dirty laundry that Trump may have in the no longer secret DNC files. The coming feeding frenzy will once away obscure any debate on the real issues after the Dems were exposed as gun-grabbing, terrorist coddling fascists in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre.

The Hill is reporting “Stolen DNC files on Trump leaked”:

More than 200 pages of what appears to be the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) opposition research on Donald Trump was leaked to Gawker Wednesday, after Russian government hackers reportedly infiltrated the DNC’s computer networks.

The document, titled “Donald Trump Report,” includes an attack on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s character and record, and hundreds of pages describing instances of Trump changing his stance or saying something false or inflammatory.

Trump’s marriages are also covered extensively, according to Gawker.

The document was sent to Gawker by an individual calling himself “Guccifer 2.0,” a play off the infamous Romanian hacker who first exposed the existence of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Don’t expect Obama’s crackerjack cyberterrorism unit to fly into action over the purported Russian breach of DNC security – after all, it’s not like all of the big liberal Hollywood types whose data was exposed like when when the Sony hack had El Presidente on the verge of declaring war on North Korea a few years ago. Those were reliable Dem shills and donors and Dear Leader has been strangely silent over the alleged hacking of his own party’s political operation by a hated foreign power.

Once again the timing of this whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. The conventions are looming and the ranks of the R.A.T.s (Republicans Against Trump) continue to grow so this is the last chance to really try to sink him in Cleveland. The GOP establishment will be perfectly happy to accept a helping hand from the Democrats Russian hackers in their efforts to dump Trump and perhaps crown reluctant Paul Ryan as their champion.