More dark money is sluicing through the system to put an end to any chances that Donald Trump may be able to get elected and put into place an “America First” set of policies. Following the news that a Mitt Romney affiliated operative is working to fund ballot access for a third party candidate in the upcoming election another big Super PAC has been formed to take aim at the presumptive GOP nominee in hopes of mortally wounding him before Cleveland.

CNN reports that “New Super PAC ‘Keep America Great’ is forming to stop Trump”:

A new super PAC is forming with a top priority of stopping Donald Trump, not promoting Hillary Clinton.

The group, called Keep America Great, is intended to cast a wide net of donors and supporters, CNN has learned. It is designed to attract admirers of Bernie Sanders and disaffected Republicans who may be uneasy about being aligned with a specifically pro-Clinton organization.

Jon Cooper, who was a leader in the unsuccessful effort to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the White House race, will be the chairman of Keep America Great. The group, which pledges to run television ads and a digital campaign, will be announced Thursday.

“Our mission over the next five months is to help ensure that everyone is aware of Mr. Trump’s long record of distortions, lies and even fraud,” Cooper said. “His recent racist attacks against a respected federal judge, his fervent support of assault weapons even after the mass murder in Orlando, his mocking of people with disabilities — these all provide a window into his heart and soul. And that should give all fair-minded Americans pause.”

While several groups have been formed to stop Trump, Keep America Great is intended to appeal to those who may have misgivings about Clinton or who are not eager to be associated with the Clinton campaign.

In addition to Cooper, the efforts are being directed by other campaign veterans, including Scott Dworkin, who also worked on the “Draft Biden” movement.

“For the sake of the nation we all love,” Cooper said, “it is imperative that we stop Donald Trump from becoming President.”

You have to love all of the lofty platitudes and faux patriotic slop about saving the “nation we all love” being spewed by the same vermin and swine who have strip-mined the country for years, sold Americans down the river for chump change and trashed our sovereignty in globalist deals with the devil. You can always tell when an organization is full of horseshit when it has an Orwellian name like “Keep America Great” — they left out “for Swindlers” at the end.

The game plan appears to be to spend as much as is necessary to slime Trump before the convention in the hopes that the growing number of R.A.T.’s (Republicans Against Trump) will find a way to keep the nomination from him in favor of some palooka who can then be trotted out to lose big to Hillary.