The nexus of anti-Trump hatred at the Washington Post isn’t slowing down the output over something as insignificant as having their press credentials revoked by the candidate. It’s just business as usual for the gaggle of presstitutes, neocons and establishment flunkies at the one year anniversary of the Donald’s entry into the race because preserving the establishment is what the WAPO does. The chefs in the propaganda kitchen have sliced, diced, pureed and tossed a slew of random ingredients into a series of resplendent bullshit souffles that boggle the mind.

It is has been the epitome of the corporate state that Americans have had imposed upon them by our betters, volume a plenty but a uniform lack of creativity in that everything is basically the same with only slight differences. Well now over at Pravda on the Potomac  they are shocked, absolutely freaking shocked that some people actually refer to Hillary Clinton as a  (GASP) bitch.

The latest primal scream of indignity is entitled “Donald Trump calls her ‘Crooked Hillary,’ but his fans just say ‘b—-’”:

As thousands of Donald Trump supporters streamed out of an evening rally here this week, they walked past a handful of vendors from Ohio selling simple white T-shirts featuring Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and a vulgar joke. The back of the shirts read: “TRUMP THAT B—-!”

One woman laughed and said to the man with her: “You have to get one!” A group of four middle-aged women pulled out their wallets and tried to bargain the vendors down from $20. One of the vendors shouted again and again: “Trump that b—-! Trump that b—-!” A guy walking past responded: “That’s right!”

At most of Trump’s rallies, there is a palpable hatred of Clinton in the air, and some of Trump’s strongest applause lines come when he attacks the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, calling her “crooked” and accusing her of playing “the woman’s card.”

But many of his fans have chosen a different nickname for her — one starting with a “b” and rhyming with “witch.”

You have to love how the WAPO presents it as “starting with a “b” and rhyming with “witch” – what is this, second fucking grade?

It’s an extremely long piece for something that can be summed up in a few hundred words at most but the point is to pack as many examples of Trump supporters calling the bitch a bitch into it as humanly possible. Another pathetic tantrum from a paper that at one time was viewed by many as one of the finest in the land but has sunk to the depths of a corrupt national media with it’s blatant anti-Trump agenda as well as having to dumb down the message to appeal to any readers outside the cloistered confines of the Beltway.


Media Matters, the so-called watchdog group run by Clinton’s Joseph Goebbels – David Brock – is having a heyday by elaborating on the WAPO piece in it’s sleazy attack piece “It’s Not Just Trump Fans; His Media Supporters Also Call Clinton A “Bitch””:

Here are examples of Trump media supporters Roger Stone, Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, and Alex Castellanos calling Hillary Clinton a bitch over the years.

Roger Stone Formed The Anti-Clinton Group “C.U.N.T.” Because He Couldn’t “Come Up With Words For B.I.T.C.H.”

Stone, a longtime Trump friend and ally, heads a pro-Trump super PAC after working for his campaign last year. He has a long history of sexist commentary, especially about Hillary Clinton. In 2008, Stone established the anti-Hillary Clinton 527 group Citizens United Not Timid. The group — now defunct — emphasized the acronym by bolding the first letter in each word. The group claimed to “educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is.” Stone said also he spent “hours trying to come up with words for B.I.T.C.H. and just couldn’t do it.” He also tweeted that Chelsea Clinton is a “total bitch.”

Ted Nugent: Clinton Is A “Worthless Bitch” And “Toxic Cunt”

Nugent is a conservative pundit and NRA board member. He has implored his fans to vote for Trump and said that “Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you are going to get in politics.”

Nugent has called Clinton a “lying America destroying criminal ass bitch,” a “worthless bitch,” a “toxic cunt,” and a “two-bit whore.” In May, Nugent shared a video depicting Clinton being shot; he remarked, “I got your guncontrol right here bitch!”

Fellow Trump supporter Sean Hannity refused to disavow Nugent’s attack against Clinton as a “worthless bitch,” stating on his Fox News program in 2007: “No, I like Ted Nugent. He’s a friend of mine.”

Alex Jones To Hillary Clinton: “You Bitch”

Jones is a conspiracy theorist radio host who plays an “important role” in organizing support for Trump. Trump has appeared on his program, and Roger Stone is a regular guest.

In August 2015, after the deadly shooting of a Virginia journalist and cameraman, Jones said: “Hey Hillary, you got bodyguards. Are their guns bad too? Why can’t I have a gun to protect myself, you bitch?”

Michael Savage Describes Clinton As A Bitch

Trump is a frequent guest on Savage’s radio program and has thanked him for his support and being “so amazing.”

In a May 2016 interview, Savage said of Hillary Clinton: “There is a word for this kind of individual in the dog world, but I can’t use it on your show. It begins with a b.”

While you have to at least give Media Matters credit for their willingness to actually use the terms “bitch” and “cunt” it’s just more of the same crap of playing the war on women card. With Hillary’s zeroing in on Pocahontas Warren as her likely running mate the overriding theme that voters will be sold this fall is that two screaming vaginas are better than one.

What the hell happened to the issues? The real bitch is that voters won’t be debating anything like illegal aliens, the TPP, Radical Islam, income inequality, unconstitutional government spying, bank bailouts, the Federal Reserve, border security, Social Security, Homeland Security, the police state, the Keystone-XL pipeline, entangling foreign alliances, possible nuclear war with Russia, jobs for Americans, the gutting of the middle class or dozens of other really important matters to real Americans. Nope. The election is all about that entitled, corrupt bitch and that she deserves to be returned to the White House because of what is between her legs.