In a dispatch from the too little, too late department, the Florida tourism Mecca Disney World is set to post alligator warning signs at their Orlando resort. While it won’t help poor two-year-old Lane Graves who was snatched by a gator while vacationing with his parents on Tuesday, it will at least cover the mega-corporation’s ass going forward. The grabbing of the doomed child set off a media feeding frenzy and capped off one hell of a bad week for Orlando in public relations terms. The city had already been rocked by a deranged fan murdering a pseudo celebrity and a Muslim lunatic gunning down 49 people in a dance club before the Disney gator incident.

According to ABC News “Disney to Post Signs Warning of Alligators After 2-Year-Old Boy Killed, Source Says”:

Disney is set to post new signs warning of alligators in the wake of a fatal attack on a 2-year-old boy outside of a Disney World resort, a source said.

The death of 2-year-old Lane Graves, who was snatched by an alligator in the Seven Seas Lagoon outside the Grand Floridian Tuesday evening, has raised questions about why there were no warning signs about the reptiles there.

There are “No Swimming” signs posted in the area, but no gator warnings. No one was in the water at the time, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The child’s body was found by divers Wednesday afternoon about 10 to 15 yards from shore. His family, who were guests at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, “asked for privacy as they grieve the loss of their son,” the sheriff’s office said.

Why Disney didn’t already have alligator warning signs in place is a mind-boggling error, especially considering that the resort and theme park is in freaking Florida where damn near every body of water could be teeming with the reptiles. The “Happiest Place on Earth” is likely going to be hit with a lawsuit over the demise of the child and the family no doubt has been set upon by hordes of ambulance chasers.

However, one has to question why in the hell did the parents let the toddler into the water late in the evening in the first place. It’s like the moron mother who let her son stray away and fall into the primate area a few weeks back at the Cincinnati Zoo resulting in the execution of Harambe the gorilla. Considering the parent’s obvious neglectful role in the tragic death it’s probably likely that this thing will be settled before it ever sees the inside of a courtroom. Hopefully Disney comped the ruined vacation as a gesture of goodwill.