Just in time for the Democratic party convention the city of Philadelphia has passed a new tax on soda pop and other drinks. It is very apropos as the home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall prepares to host the coronation of Queen Hillary, a woman who ran roughshod over any concept of democracy on her way to stealing winning the Dem nomination. The passage of the tax bodes ill for the rest of the country once other municipalities get the idea that they can address mounting budget woes by turning the thumbscrews on already overtaxed and economically stressed Americans.

According to Philly.com “Soda tax passes; Philadelphia is first big city in nation to enact one”:

Looking to raise millions for a bold expansion of early childhood education, Philadelphia City Council on Thursday approved a 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened and diet beverages, the first such tax imposed in a major U.S. city.

The 13-4 vote put to bed months of speculation and at-times-bitter negotiations, but also ensured that the national spotlight will stay turned on Philadelphia for months, if not years.

Critics quickly vowed a court challenge. And as the city introduces the unprecedented levy – and its economic and public-health effects come into view – experts, advocates, and legislators will surely be watching closely.

Mayor Kenney, who can count this as the first major political victory of his term, called it a start to “changing the narrative of poverty in our city.”

“It’s been generations we’ve been going downhill with our kids in our neighborhoods,” Kenney said. “And it’s going to take some time to get us back. But this is the first step back.”

The tax will hit thousands of products – essentially anything bottled, canned, or from a fountain with either sugar or artificial sweetener added, with a few exceptions.

The Philly campaign received financial backing from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is the champion of the nanny state who plans to push similar efforts in western cities like Seattle and Portland according to the Bloomberg News story “Bloomberg looks West after bankrolling Philadelphia soda tax win”:

After successfully funding a campaign to pass a soda tax in Philadelphia, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is preparing to fund similar efforts in several other cities, giving new momentum to measures seeking to limit soft drink consumption.

The former New York City mayor contributed the bulk of the money for the pro-soda tax side in Philadelphia, providing around $1.6 million. Now the prominent public health crusader will support measures in San Francisco and Oakland, California this year, Howard Wolfson, a senior adviser to Bloomberg, said in a conference call on Friday.

Bloomberg may also support soda tax drives in Seattle and Multnomah County in Oregon, which includes Portland, in 2017, Wolfson said.

With the election of Mrs. Clinton looking increasingly likely given the Republican establishment’s pathological hatred for it’s own presumptive nominee Donald Trump – the only man who can beat her – there will be a tsunami of new taxes that will soon be imposed upon the populace. The liberal schmucks will of course cheer and wave their pom poms but while those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder are squeezed the fat cats on Wall Street who shelled out big bucks for those secret speeches by Hillary will continue to avoid paying their fair share while having their gambling schemes backstopped by Uncle Sam.

Hillary and her all but certain running mate Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren will have free reign to push for implementing a bevy of new taxes that will finish off the job of destroying the middle class that Emperor Obama has been so successful at during his foul tenure at the helm.