With the Republican convention now only a bit more than a month away a gaggle of establishment delegates are scheming on how to derail Donald Trump’s nomination. With the Romney led Never Trumpers having been battered and beaten and an increasing number of R.A.T.s (Republicans Against Trump) running for the lifelines and the welcome embrace of the Democrats it is up to the longtime insiders to carry out what would be an act of sabotage.

CNN reports that “RNC delegates launch ‘Anybody but Trump’ drive”:

A coalition of Republican delegates is mounting a last-ditch effort to block Donald Trump from obtaining the GOP nomination by pushing for a “conscience clause” that would allow delegates to vote against the presumptive nominee.

Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate, organized a call with dozens of other delegates Thursday night to discuss ways to block Trump at the convention. The group, Unruh says, marks the coalescing of disparate “pockets of resistance” — including backers of Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — which had been opposing Trump with little success.

“This is a coalition of Kasich, Cruz and Rubio (supporters) and we are all agreeing on one goal, which is: Anybody but Trump,” Unruh said Friday.

The Washington Post first reported the details of the phone call.

Any stop-Trump effort would be nearly impossible to pull off at this point in the election cycle. But moves such as Thursday’s call demonstrate that Trump’s opponents inside the GOP are trying to organize more effectively. And, perhaps more importantly, it reflects the mounting anxiety inside the party about Trump’s candidacy amid polls that show him badly trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. His comments in the aftermath of the Orlando attacks — and his earlier criticism of a judge because of his Mexican heritage — have alarmed many in the GOP.

Trump dismissed the effort Friday, suggesting it would be “illegal” if the delegates tried to thwart the binding of the delegates.

The CNN piece goes on to state that a group has been formed by the treasonous R.A.T.’s:

Efforts to oust Trump in Cleveland appeared to ebb after Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol floated David French as his vaunted third-party option. But the movement to ouster Trump gained new steam after the fallout from the past two weeks.

A group of people — including Eric O’Keefe, a former top fundraiser for Cruz — recently formed a group they’re calling “Delegates Unbound,” an effort to convince delegates that they have the authority and the ability to vote for whomever they want. A source working with the group told CNN that they are going to try to not only directly communicate with the delegates but also try to raise money to buy TV ads.

Unruh has moved out in front publicly on the issue, but top-level donors and operatives have been re-examining their options for removing Trump behind the scenes as well.

They come after efforts by top Republican donors and party leaders to tamp down Trump’s language appear to have failed. Unruh mocked those very efforts to rein in Trump, saying they would end up helping her cause.

“This will be an absolute success once that tranquilizer they sedated Trump with wears off,” Unruh said.

Trump opponents have been getting some high-profile cover as well. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Republicans who don’t want to support Trump by saying no one should betray their conscience.

Despite the fact that any such effort that would be successful at toppling Trump would put Hillary Clinton into the White House it is these insiders who are putting their own selfish interests before either party or country. Longtime gravy train riders are in mortal terror of having their tickets revoked and losing their influence over the process because as North Dakota fat cat Curly Haugland so arrogantly put it  – “the political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief.” These fuckers need to either get with the program or just be honest with voters and defect to the Democrats.

While it is probably a real longshot at this late stage, the plotting and back room deals continue so Trump and his team had best not let their guard down lest they risk being ambushed in Quicken Loans Arena next month.