In the sequel to the infamous Senate “Gang of Eight” cabal of swishy moderates that pushed for so-called immigration reform there is a new group similarly trying to get a gun control bill crammed through Congress. The Orlando gay nightclub massacre has been a political boon for the gun-grabbers and those fighting to save their Senate gigs like New Hampshire’s whiny Kelly Ayotte and this bipartisan group is looking to score big points in the media by exploiting those slaughtered by Muslim maniac Omar Mateen.

The Hill reports that “Senators roll out bipartisan gun proposal”:

Senators on Tuesday rolled out a bipartisan bill aimed at stopping suspected terrorists from buying a gun, as lawmakers try to overcome a stalemate on the issue.

“Essentially we believe that if you are too dangerous to fly on an airplane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told reporters.

The legislation would allow the attorney general to block the sale of a gun if an individual is on the “no-fly” list or the so-called “selectee” list, which requires additional screening at an airport.

Collins said the two lists affect approximately 109,000 people, most of whom are foreigners.

The legislation would allow the decision to be appealed. If an appeal is successful, Collins said Americans and green card holders could get their attorney fees covered.

The measure also includes a “look back” provision that would notify the FBI when someone who was on the broader terror watchlist in the past five years buys a gun.

In addition to Collins, Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) appeared at Tuesday’s press conference.

Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine (Va.), Bill Nelson (Fla.), Martin Heinrich (N.M.) and Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Independent Sen. Angus King (Maine), who caucuses with Democrats, also appeared in support of the bill.

The legislation is expected to get a vote, but Collins will need 60 supporters for the provision to through the Senate. Democrats say about 20 GOP senators would need to back the bill to get it past the threshold.

Collins said a vote on the bill could happen this week or next week, depending on the floor schedule.

That the Republicans on the Gang of Eight plus one include Never Trumpers Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Ayotte is a testament as to whose side that these R.A.T.’s are really on and it is not on the side of those with any respect for the Constitution. The effort comes a day after multiple gun grabber bills went down to defeat and left an irate Emperor Obama blasting the Senate:

Obama is certainly an authority on when it comes to failing the American people and so is the rest of the motley crew trying to exploit the monstrous act of an Islamic fanatic at the Pulse nightclub in order to push their anti-gun agendas. Shame on all of them!