Donald Trump finally fought back on Wednesday and pasted Hillary Clinton right in the kisser. In a tour de force speech delivered from his home turf in New York, the billionaire iconoclast peeled the bark off of the Dem’s Queen in waiting and all of her toadies in the media are going to have a hard time gluing it back on again.

Trump absolutely destroyed crooked Hillary who he denounced as a corrupt, incompetent liar unfit for high office. But Trump’s biggest score was comparing Clinton unfavorably to disgraced former NBC anchor Brian Williams, a linkage that is going to stick. Trump scored a twofer in that the comparison was also a body blow to Democratic party propaganda organ MSNBC which now employs Lyin’ Brian who was actually covering the speech.

The Washington Times reports that “MSNBC’s Brian Williams covers Trump speech savaging Brian Williams”:

That was one awkward moment for cable news channel MSNBC and anchor Brian Williams during their coverage of Donald Trump’s speech Wednesday attacking the record of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in New York.

At one point, Mr. Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, lit into Mrs. Clinton for claiming to have come under fire during a visit to Bosnia in the mid-1990s, when video from the then-first lady’s visit showed her being welcomed with flowers at the airport.

Mr. Trump noted that Mr. Williams had seen his own career “totally destroyed” for his own misrepresentations of the dangers he faced covering the Iraq war. The former anchor of NBC’s evening news broadcast was required to take a six-month leave of absence by the network in early 2015, and he has since become a reporter and mid-day host of the NBC’s news cable outlet.

Mr. Trump said Mrs. Clinton deserved far worse for her Bosnia comments.

Mr. Williams did not mention Mr. Trump’s shout-out when he came on immediately after the speech ended, simply introducing other MSNBC reporters to analyze the speech.

The Donald has been devastating when he is able to define an opponent in such a manner and his comeback this afternoon proves the old sports axiom that the best defense is a strong offense. There is simply no way that Hillary can slither out of the trap either, especially with Trump bringing up that whopper about taking sniper fire in Bosnia that practically everyone had forgotten about.

Mrs. Clinton has already gone on record and condemned Trump’s lies and “conspiracy theories” but the actual video evidence only serves to prove the presumptive GOP nominee’s case.

Just remember – you can’t spell Hillary without the letters L-I-A-R.