Dashing young Marco is back although he never truly went away. The GOP’s great brown hope has performed another flip-flop like the one he did on amnesty for illegal aliens by formally announcing that he changed his mind over not running for reelection to the Senate. In politically incorrect terms Little Marco lied but that matters little to an establishment that has promoted the sweaty, cheaply bought Cubano from the get go.

The Hill reports “GOP donors see Rubio as Senate savior”:

Marco Rubio’s eleventh-hour entry into the Florida Senate race has energized GOP fundraisers who worry that Donald Trump is putting the party’s Senate control in jeopardy.

The network of donors led by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, which has an expected budget of $750 million, roughly a third of which is expected to be used on political and policy spending during the 2016 cycle, is already rallying forcefully behind Rubio.

“We support Sen. Marco Rubio’s reelection bid,” James Davis, a spokesman for the Koch network, the most powerful and well-funded donor group in conservative politics.

“Sen. Rubio has been a strong leader in the Senate on a number of issues, including fighting against the Ex-Im Bank and opposing wasteful spending increases.”

Top Republican donors and outside groups told The Hill that Rubio’s decision had the potential to radically alter the fundraising landscape not only in Florida, but across the country.

But of course the donor class is enamored with Rubio, if there is one thing that the Miami motor mouth can do other than memorize and regurgitate talking points it is to appeal to special interests. His ambition and willingness to whore himself out to special interests is exactly why he was once tabbed as the “future” of the Republican party.

The big question is whether Florida voters will vote to send him back to Washington where it is clear that he doesn’t represent anyone other than Marco Rubio. That may not matter squat to the Koch Brothers and other deep-pocketed donors but the people in his own state already had their referendum on Rubio – the Florida primary and he was absolutely schlonged.

True to form Rubio used his big announcement that he had reneged upon his promise to not run for a Senate seat that he has openly derided to blast presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Once a RAT, always a RAT.

Jeb! has apparently mended fences with his one-time protégé and has blessed his change of heart.