When it comes to weird news stories involving great American eateries, Waffle House is catching a break this week. Two sisters were arrested following a knock-down, drag-out brawl in the dining area of a Memphis area International House of Pancakes (IHOP) location. IHOP employees (now likely former ones) Janika Nellums, 21, and Shanika Strickland, 23 mixed it up with co-workers in an outbreak of workplace violence that spilled over into the dining area in front of horrified diners including a baby.

The video of this epic throw down has to be seen in order to be believed:

WREG Memphis reports “Baby caught in middle of violence at local IHOP”:

A baby was caught in the middle of the violence of a brutal attack at a local restaurant.

It happened at the IHOP just outside of Southland Mall on East Shelby Drive late Saturday night.

Two sisters are accused of starting the fight that led to hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

The violent attack was caught on video, and a baby is heard crying in the background.

Customers were there as chairs were launched across the room. The business was nearly destroyed as the fight took a serious turn.

“Oh, she got a knife. She got a knife.”

People we showed the video to couldn’t believe their eyes — they said it was crazy.

“The violence just needs to stop,” one person said.

“That could have gone any kind of way. That could have gotten uglier than it is,” said said.

Police arrested two sisters. Janika Nellums is an employee at the restaurant, and Sharika Strickland is her older sister.

Officers said this all stemmed from a beef with management the day before.

WREG walked through the doors looking for answers, but the employees did not talk.

Saturday night, a manager told police the women came there to fight.

But the suspects’ mother said her daughters are the real victims.

But of course the instigators are the victims here at last according to mama, just poor little misunderstood darlings. Now that they are looking for a new line of work perhaps mud wrestling may be a suggestion.