The Never Trumpers are taking to the airwaves to push for their planned delegate revolt at next month’s Republican convention. With little over a month remaining to block Donald Trump’s nomination the shadowy forces behind the move to deny the will of voters are launching a series of advertisements to bolster support for their efforts to put Hillary Clinton into the White House. Despite what the RAT’s are openly declaring as their intent – the strongest candidate vs. Hillary – it is total horseshit and this ongoing rebellion against the will of the people is being staged by insiders whose own power and interests will be lost if Trump wins the nomination and even worse, the presidency.

The Hill reports “Groups focused on stopping Trump to air ads to unbind delegates”:

Groups focused on stopping Donald Trump from becoming the GOP’s nominee will begin airing ads Thursday aimed at unbinding delegates at the Republican National Convention.

The first ad, which will air on WHO-AM radio in Des Moines, is focused on Steve Scheffler, a member of the Republican National Committee, The Wall Street Journal reported. The ad is funded by the Courageous Conservatives PAC and urges people to contact Scheffler, one of Iowa’s two representatives on the Rules Committee. The PAC is run by Steve Lonegan, who formerly served as the New Jersey state chairman for Ted Cruz’s campaign.

The ad criticizes Scheffler for trying to “force Republican delegates to vote for Donald Trump and threatening those who find that vote to be morally offensive.”

The ad says delegates have the role of making decisions in the best interest of the party and its conservative values.

“Normally, our delegates would ratify the primary winner. But this is one of those times when the delegates need to be free to vote their conscience,” the ad says.

Other ads set to air on national cable TV this weekend are run by a group looking to press delegates to say they are unbound even if it goes against convention rules.

“The voters don’t decide who the nominee is, the delegates do,” said Eric O’Keefe, who is organizing another group aimed at stopping Trump.

It should be no surprise that those affiliated with Tricky Ted (and by extension the Bush family) are involved in efforts to stop Trump in Cleveland. The plot continues to swirl and it is at least tacitly sanctioned by the Republican establishment itself which has never been enamored with the prospect of an outsider wresting control of the party apparatus from the pigs running the sty.